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How The Daily Banter Built a Monthly Audience of 5 million Readers

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Hardly a day passes without another article breathlessly reporting the latest traffic figures of media darlings like BuzzFeed or Vox. While it is admittedly impressive that BuzzFeed rakes in 200 million monthly uniques, it’s done so with the help of $100 million in venture capital funding and the tireless churn of low-value, clickbait content. The Daily Banter, on the other hand, built a sizable audience with neither of those things. We resisted the allure of clickbait, and instead held firm in producing well-written, thoughtful essays, the kind that engender reader loyalty and repeat visitors. We didn’t build a readership of 5 million monthly visitors overnight, but because we established a clear and iconoclastic voice, one devoid of the beltway doublespeak that pervades most mainstream publications, Banter readers could visit our homepage every day knowing they’d find a refreshing take on pop culture and political issues.

Increasingly, companies and non-profits have approached us about recreating the Banter’s success for their own organizations. We’ve entered an era in which brands are expected to create their own digital content and build engaged audiences within their industries. Twenty years ago, a CEO’s chief goal in marketing his company was to be featured in the New York Times. Today, with the rise of content marketing and online thought leadership, that CEO no longer needs the mainstream media in order to reach a readership. He can build one on his own via a company blog or on platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, and even The Daily Banter.

Given the growing demand for our expertise in building engaged, targeted readerships, we’re announcing the launch of Studio Banter. We will work directly with brands to create article content that will establish them as thought leaders within their respective industries. We’ll determine the demographics you need to reach and then generate highly engaging articles that will attract reader and entice them into sharing on their own social media feeds. Check out our list of services below, and don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions:

Article Creation

We will begin by interviewing the key stakeholders at your organization so we can gain a keen understanding of the demographics you want to reach, whether they’re clients, customers, or influential policymakers. We will then develop an editorial calendar and work directly with your executives to ghostwrite thought leadership articles and blog posts.


The Daily Banter didn’t build its large audience simply by creating awesome content. We also had a strong handle on social media and digital distribution best practices. We’ll work with you on a distribution strategy for your content using both organic tacts and paid social media targeting.

Native Advertising

Many brands have approached us about gaining direct access to our highly-educated, affluent readership. We can help you craft your editorial so it can appeal to our audiences and publish it natively to our feed (with full disclosures of course).

Team Training

Many brands already have internal teams already focused on generating content, or they may want their employees trained on social media, marketing, and content best practices. We can visit you at your offices in person or virtually, and provide tailored training to your staff, and they will leave from the presentation better equipped to evangelize on behalf of the company online.

Interested? Then shoot us an email at