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Picture of the Day: Have Yourself an Inclusive, Socially Aware Little Wintertime Holiday

Don't be dreaming of a white privilege Christmas this year.
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Don't be dreaming of a white privilege Christmas this year. Get your genderless, vegan gingerbread thing today.

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Actually, this is from a couple of months ago. I decided to post it now for three reasons: 1) Mike Luciano and I were exchanging e-mails making fun of social justice warrior types and I happened to stumble across it, 2) my version of a Christmas miracle would involve 90% of Tumblr suddenly vanishing into thin air (which is probably "sizeist"), and 3) I'm technically on vacation and it was an easy post.

From The Daily Mail, tongue firmly in cheek:

Many were thrilled to see their concerns about the sexist term ‘gingerbread men’ had finally been addressed.
However, many took to Social Media – outraged that their own minority group had been discriminated against by the choice of wording.

‘So offensive to gingers’, wrote one person.

‘They should be called strawberry blondes,’ argued a Twitter user.

‘So offensive to amputees,’ added another.

‘Why they gotta be so white?’

Others were concerned by the nutritional content of the organic, vegan biscuits.

‘And it’s not even gluten-free!’ exclaimed a troubled individual.

‘Are they fair trade?’