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Patton Oswalt To Adam Baldwin on Twitter: "Take Ayn Rand's Dick Out of Your Mouth"

Patton was swift and merciless.
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Firefly star turned professional troll Adam Baldwin is conservative Twitter's most accomplished bully. His online persona is so combative and so absurdly petty that you have to wonder if, upon his death, Andrew Breitbart's soul somehow transferred over to Baldwin's body. He's one of those guys for whom no target is too small to punch down to -- and I know from experience given that I've gone a couple of rounds with him in the past.

But just a little while ago he finally decided to pick a fight with somebody who could clean his clock. That somebody isPatton Oswalt. Baldwin "found a great YouTube nugget," as the clowns at Twitchy put it, in which Patton jokes about going back in time to tell his former self how great things are in 2009 (when the bit was recorded). He astonishes his old self by informing him that in 2009 there's a cool black president, then he wonders "what if" Obama's election really is the "dawning of an amazing age" that includes flying cars and teleportation pills.

Obviously, we don't have those things five years after Obama took office and if you think a stand-up comic making a joke about a president being some kind of messiah is the same thing as actually saying it's so, you're an idiot. Which bring us to Adam Baldwin. Earlier today he tweeted the bit -- which by the way didn't require much digging up, given that it's from Patton's 2009 album My Weakness Is Strong -- and looped in Patton. Since guys like Baldwin seem to think that their way of seeing the Obama presidency is the only way, certainly the way everyone else in the world should see it, the point appeared to be that Patton was somehow wrong in his "prediction" of what Obama would mean for America.

The reaction from Patton was swift and merciless.

That should've ended it, but since this is Baldwin we're talking about, there was of course more.

And it was left to an innocent bystander to have the last word.