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Michigan Police Stop Motorists To Give Them Christmas Presents, But WHY?

Just what are these jolly cops hiding with this video?
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Freedom-minded citizens should be very alarmed by a video circulating this holiday season purporting to show Lowell, Mich. police officers handing out Christmas gifts to local residents under the guise of traffic stops. Reliable sources at InfoWars, Breitbart and the Gateway Pundit have yet to indicate this is part of an insidious fraud perpetrated on an unsuspecting internet, but they're working on it.

Behold this Yuletide tyranny:

Yeah, this seems like some warmhearted, touching news that is possibly a genuine expression of goodwill from a community's cops, but don't be naive. What are they hiding? Are the cops are just trying to distract from some horrible shooting, stabbing or attack on protesters? I'd bet every single Bitcoin I had attached to my StormFront account that this smells fishy from the get-go.

Friendly police officers flooding red-blooded American communities with corporate goods? Bahh bahh, sheeple. Let's take a closer look at the video evidence of a conspiracy at the Lowell Police Department:


Yeah, like that's a coincidence.

officer friendly

Look at Officer Evil Grin here, knowing he's getting away with running a cocaine ring. Audit the Fed.


In this low-res camera feed, you can see what appears to be a Lowell police officer or an accomplice burglarizing a toy store.

Learning about
Law enforcement

I suspect those gifts might just  be dropoffs for eager drug mules or even just be good old fashioned bribes. Something's wrong here, and I'll be damned if The Daily Banter can't get to the bottom of it. All I need is $300,000, three interns, and a year's supply of Coors Light.