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What Is The Daily Banter? Part 3: Your Place For Liberal Catharsis

The snark here is off the charts and I need that when I feel like the world is imploding.

Getting the opportunity to write for The Daily Banter this year has been a real trip. When I was approached for the gig, I was flattered and ready to prove myself as a voice that would fit into this crazy, daily conversation. But as someone who has worked in digital media for several years, I couldn't help but wonder: Who really cares about my opinion on anything?

Honestly, none of our opinions matter. In the end, they don't mean a thing. Opinions aren't news and they shouldn't be, but that's not the point. The point is thatTDB is a place where smart people are funny and clever while discussing current events, providing perspectives on these stories that may not have been considered before. It's not a place for objective facts about the news. Any idiot can write that. What sets TDB apart is the staff. For years, I've liked coming to the site to read these guys, these in-the-know media professionals, when I feel like there might be something I'm missing in my own read on the news.

Commentary and analysis in addition to reporting make for a unique, specific brand of news coverage. The Daily Banter isn't about trying to convert people, educate people, or change minds. It's more like tuning in for The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, or Last Week Tonight With John Oliver; TDB is a very specific flavor of news analysis and reporting. Maybe this is your favorite source of news when you like your news with a little extra zing or color. If cable news and social media are background noise to you, TDB is that one podcast that you actually subscribe to, that one album you were happy to pay for and download or even buy on CD or vinyl because the cover art was so damn pretty.

Before writing for this site, I came here when I needed to laugh at the news. The snark is off the charts and I need that when I feel like the world is imploding. Or when I need to feel smarter than the dumbasses in charge, or when I needed to feel like I wasn't alone in thinking that everything is going to shit in a shitbasket. For all the cursing and insults that end up on TDB, I always leave a lot calmer than I was before. I guess that when my eyeballs absorb this kind of seething anger and sarcasm, my body converts it to sweet, sweet oxytocin and I feel as serene as a puppy on a pillow made of clouds.

And now here I am, writing for this site. I'm just about three months in so I'm still finding my voice here, getting settled, figuring out what kind of food I can leave in the fridge and if I have to label or lick it to make sure the boys don't eat it. I definitely like what I've contributed so far, but I'm really looking forward to that day when I finally feel settled and confident, I get to leave a toothbrush here and take control of a newly emptied drawer. That will be the day I really dig into a story, tear things up, and feel like I nailed it, and I don't say to Chez or Mike, "Hey, let me know if this is the stupidest thing you ever read." I'm almost there.

Like I said, my opinion won't make a lick of difference in the long run, but if I get to be a part of making someone feel a little bit better about things while fine-tuning my skills then that's enough for me. I was put here because I love writing and I love an audience, and I'm very proud that my stage is at The Daily Banter.