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Buzzfeed Just Hired from Clickhole and the Internet Collapsed in on Itself

It's a satire of a satire of a meta-satire.
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In a story that sounds like satire, about a satire writer hired to work for the site he was satirizing and away from the satirical version of that site, Clickhole's Daniel Kibblesmith has just joined Buzzfeed. Mark your calendars, because this is the day the internet collapsed in on itself in a singularity of Ouroboran meta-irony. Just go and hide somewhere because it's all downhill from here.

According to Poynter, which believe it or not is a legitimate outlet -- in fact, it's an organization that examines and occasionally polices other journalistic organizations, adding one more layer to all of this -- Kibblesmith was poached by Buzzfeed largely due to his ability to write columns that sound like Buzzfeed but which are actually making fun of Buzzfeed.

“Daniel first came to our attention with his powerful and important Clickhole piece, ‘Which Hungry Hungry Hippo Are You?,’ which is not just a profound philosophical question, but a major quiz opportunity that we ourselves had somehow overlooked,” BuzzFeed editorial director Jack Shepherd told Poynter in an email. “As you can imagine, we are extremely excited to have him on the team.” ... “I’m extremely excited to join the BuzzFeed team,” Kibblesmith told Poynter. “I’ve never felt closer to my ultimate goal of living directly inside of the internet.”

Again, as far as we know, all of this is for real. Well, Clickhole isn't real -- it's satire -- but the deal is genuine.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go drop acid and then shoot myself in the face.