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Conservatives Totally Bust Democrats For Covering Up Gruber Hearing With Torture Report

Apparently, a torture report six years in the making was really just a smokescreen for hearings over a guy who said you're stupid.

The Senate Intelligence Committee released its torture report today, officially launching "rectal feeding" as a trending topic (and hopefully not a boomlet in tapas restaurants), and fulfilling an Obama administration plot to cover up the Gruber hearings. So say the razor-sharp conservative denizens of Twitter, including one-time Republican presidential frontrunner Herman Cain:

Man, just when America was finally about to exact justice on the man who blew up Nakatomi Plaza, this happens.

Actually, the Gruber hearings they're talking about are only slightly less stupid than holding a trial for the villain from Die Hard, "stupid" being the Word of the Day. The actual stated purpose of the hearing was to find out how a clerical error resulted in 400,000 out of 7 million ACA enrollments being overreported (hint: it was a clerical error), and to beat up on Jonathan Gruber for calling Americans "stupid" a bunch of times. Why would the Obama administration want to cover up the fact that Republican House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) is spending his time, and our money, on this?

We'll skip over the gentleman from Nebraska asking Gruber, "Have you now, or have you ever been, laid?" and just cut right to the most awesome part of the hearing that we're trying to cover up. That would be ranking member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) aptly summarizing the purpose of the Gruber hearing, and then promptly destroying it with facts:

"As far as I can tell, we are hear today to beat up on Jonathan Gruber for stupid, I mean absolutely stupid comments he made over the past few years, and then drill and grill Administrator [of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Marilyn] Tavenner about what appears to be an inadvertent mistake in reporting ACA enrollment numbers. This may be good political theater. But it will not help a single American get health insurance."

But you know what did help Americans get health insurance? Obamacare, which as Cummings so aptly pointed out, Republicans invented and supported when Obama was still making fun of it. In fact, when then-Senator Obama was mocking the idea of an individual mandate, Jonathan Gruber was praising John McCain's health care plan because it raised taxes on the rich:

"The McCain plan starts from a wonderful premise, near and dear to the hearts of health policy analysts, which is the exclusion of employer-sponsored insurance from taxation...That's a $4,000.00 tax credit that I, a rich guy, am getting from MIT."

The idea that the Obama administration would engineer the release of the torture report in order to cover up a hearing about a guy who called Americans stupid would seem to be proof that Gruber was at least half right, since the same people who are now persecuting him were just trying to get his best disciple elected president. If it is true, though, then all hope os lost for Real America, since apparently, Fox News is in on it, too: