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Pregnant Woman Turns the Tables On Anti-Abortion Protesters At Clinic

These protesters may have been expecting the support of god but instead they got this lady.

One of the lowest forms of human life -- short of criminal kind -- are the anti-abortion protesters who not only think it's acceptable to harass patients as they enter women's health clinics, but consider it their moral duty. Contrary to what they believe, the most powerful weapon in their arsenal isn't god, but shame. After all, abortion remains legal in most Christian countries, which would seem to indicate that god can't be troubled to do much about this new "holocaust," as the Duggar dunces call it. This should come as no surprise since he didn't do anything about the old holocaust either.

But there is nothing shameful about getting an abortion. As tempting as it is to think that clinic protesters are exercising a degree of power or influence of the patients who enter, that power and influence is only as great as the patients allow. At the end of the day, those protesters don't have a say in the choices women make about their bodies. And if they did, they wouldn't have to resort to trying shame women they know nothing about.

Which is what makes this video so awesome. Shot outside the Blackfriars Medical Practice in London, a pregnant passerby is disgusted by some anti-abortion protesters who took to filming patients as they entered and exited the clinic. In this one rant, it's the protesters who end up being shamed:

"It's wrong what you're doing. You don't know why people are doing what they're doing, but you want to be out here judging and then filming...Many people have been abused. You don't know what they're reasons [are]. I think this is so wrong on so many levels. And you're a liar, because I heard her tell you, 'Turn off the camera.' So be honest, man. Be real with the people... For you to be standing out here and making other women feel guilty is so wrong. So fucking wrong."


It should also be noted that the clinic provides more services than just abortions. Among the services this clinic offers are ante- and post-natal health checks, asthma and diabetes care, travel vaccines, child health surveillance, pap smears, and smoking advice. So it's quite possible that many of the women being hectored and filmed by these goons aren't even there for an abortion. But even if they were, that's their right and their decision.

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