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Is a Sandy Hook Truther Running for Office in Connecticut?

Fist, meet wall.
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Before you head off to the ballot box to once again do your part in rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, we figured it might be a good idea to remind you that at least a few of your fellow citizens are going to be casting their ballots for completely fucking insane people later today. We're talking men and women who, in more civilized societies or at least during more civilized times, would be locked away on a 72-hour psychiatric hold extended to 14-days rather than be -- oh, I don't know -- allowed to run for government office.

Case in point is Republican James McGovern, who's running for the Connecticut House of Representatives in the 15th District. The day before the election, the good folks at the Hartford Courant dropped this little bombshell: McGovern is trawling for support within a private Facebook group of Sandy Hook Truthers. It would appear that McGovern has been staking out some space inside the group's closed ranks at least since May, when he posted this to the page for all to see:

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In case your subconscious has mercifully suppressed the memory so that you can continue functioning, believing the world is a good and decent place, Sandy Hook truthers are people who claim the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting never happened. They say the grieving parents that were interviewed on TV were actors; that the children didn't actually exist; that the whole thing is a hoax cooked up by the government or the Bilderbergs or the U.N. troops infected with the toxic fumes from chemtrails or some other such ridiculous horseshit. I'd explain more about it but it makes my head hurt and my fist want to involuntarily find its way into a wall.

And James McGovern of Connecticut -- where the Sandy Hook massacre actually happened -- either buys into this nonsense or simply isn't beneath seeking support from those who do. For all of you keeping score, there's McGovern in Connecticut and Daily Banter unofficial mascot and Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man filled with grilled cheese sandwiches Dan Bidondi in Rhode Island both seeking the "paranoid shut-in" vote this election day.

Because this is how great our country is. God bless America.

I'm just kidding about the Titanic thing. Remember to vote!

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