Minneapolis News Station Unwittingly Uncovers Widespread Gang Activity Among Politicians and Celebs

A nationwide criminal ring has been uncovered thanks to the intrepid reporting of one Minneapolis news station.

Minneapolis news station KSTP has reported that Mayor Betsy Hodges allegedly flashed a gang sign while posing for a picture with a convicted felon. The felon, Navell Gordon, was participating in a get-out-the-vote campaign with the mayor. As Gordon conceded in this video, "I made some mistakes in life. I can't vote, I'm not ashamed to say that," adding, "I’m working on fixing that right now so I can be able to vote for my next president."

At one point, Hodges -- a Democrat -- posed with Gordon for a photo, and that's where the trouble happened. According to KSTP's hard-hitting investigative report by Jay Kolls, the two flashed a sign purportedly used by a gang on Minneapolis' north side, and that didn't sit well with some current and former city law enforcement officials:

Retired Minneapolis Police officer, Michael Quinn, who also managed the department’s Internal Affairs Unit, says the photo is “disappointing because it puts police officers at risk.”

When asked to respond to the mayor’s statement that she is just “pointing at him.” He said, “she can’t be that naive. I cannot imagine.”

“She is legitimizing these people. She is legitimizing gangs who are killing our children in Minneapolis and I just can’t believe it. It hurts,” Quinn said.

Disappointing. Puts police officers at risk. Legitimizing these people. Killing our children. Holy hell. Let's see this sign of monstrous violent urban decay that this guy's talking about:


Mother of god.

The most disturbing part of this image isn't the gang sign itself, but the fact that so many famous people are apparently members of, or at least are "legitimizing" this gang, which clearly has the lamest sign of all time. While some websites have taken to mocking the report by simply posting pictures of famous people pointing, most of the photos do not feature the raised thumb, which is crucial to the sign. So while it might be fun to accuse say, E.T. of being a member of this outfit, it's to make a mockery of KSTP's excellent reporting on this. And we'd never want to do that.

Actually, yes we do. Here's a partial list of alleged Minneapolis gang members:


NAME: Barack Obama

OCCUPATION: Kenyan-in-Chief

ALIASES: POTUS, B-Dawg, Tariq Khalifa Warraq Al-Nairobi


NAME: Joseph Biden

OCCUPATION: Vice President of the United States

ALIASES: J-Biddle, Shaggy J, The Gaffinator


NAME: Jennifer Lopez


ALIASES: J-Lo, B-Movie


NAME: John Hamm


ALIASES: Don Draper, Dick Whitman, Karl Hungus


NAME: S.E. Cupp

OCCUPATION: Political commentator

ALIASES: Solo Cupp, The Faithest, Legs


NAME: Scott Walker

OCCUPATION: Governor of Wisconsin

ALIASES: Busta Union, Teflon, Wocka Wocka Wocka


NAME: Ron Paul

OCCUPATION: Former congressman

ALIASES: Papa Paul, King of Bling, Magneto


NAME: Clint Eastwood


ALIASES: Dirty Harry, The Chair Man, Captain America


NAME: Tommy Christopher

OCCUPATION: Daily Banter White House Correspondent

ALIASES: Tommy the Hat, The Agitator


NAME: William Clinton


ALIASES: Bubba, Slick Willie, Schmoozer, Receiver-in-Chief

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of any of these individuals, please immediately tweet this post at KSTP reporter Jay Kolls so he can continue to bring awareness to the very serious problem of gang activity among our nation's politicians, celebrities, and pundits.