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Local Fox Station's Website Wrongly Reports Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Indicted

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Updated Below

For the moment, we're all still waiting for a grand jury decision on whether Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson will face a trial in the killing of 18-year-old Mike Brown. It would seem, though, that one local Fox affiliate either has insider info the rest of the planet doesn't or, more likely, that somebody there accidentally hit "publish" instead of "save" on of those news items you just don't want to be making a mistake with.

For a while this afternoon, the website of FOX 28, WSJV in South Bend, Indiana was claiming that Wilson had been indicted. Here's what was posted:

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According to a source, the story was up for at least ten minutes before finally being taken down. The link to it now leads to this:

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We've reached out to Fox 28's digital director, but haven't heard back yet. Again, this was almost certainly an accident of some kind, but given how quickly false information can travel through social media and how closely the Ferguson story in particular is being watched -- to say nothing of the potentially seismic reaction to the grand jury's decision, whatever it is -- it was an accident that could've been pretty dangerous.

Be more careful next time, guys.


Fox 28 just posted the following:

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