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Hey, Remember Matt Taibbi's First Look Project? It's Now History and So Is Its Staff

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If you're looking for the second least-surprising news item of the day -- after the grand jury's decision not to indict Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown -- here you go. First Look Media just announced the fate of Racket, Matt Taibbi's not-even-published online magazine that recently became noticeably Taibbi-less. If you guessed that what would happen to Racket after Taibbi's ugly departure was an undignified dissolution followed by a round of pink slips for all involved, congratulations, you win an official First Look Media Encryption Package.

Here's the bad news for the staff of Racket and anybody who was interested in seeing what it would be like:

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Yeah, they didn't even bother to name these people. That's how much they care.

If you haven't been paying attention, rather than just sitting around waiting for the inevitable axe to fall, Alex Pareene and the rest of the Racketeers have been toying with a satirical Tumblr they dubbed Racket Teen. The whole thing reads like a surreal prank undertaken by people who just don't give a fuck anymore and maybe that's what's made it so oddly entertaining. Considering how scorched-earth Pareene went on First Look during the whole Taibbi miasma, there should've been no doubt that they all knew their days were numbered, hence the solidarity and gallows humor of the condemned.

If you're keeping score, all this leaves at First Look is Greenwald's The Intercept -- minus the recently departed John Cook -- and The Intercept sucks. However, now that the rabble are all gone, presumably leaving behind only those who can keep a straight face while claiming to be fiercely independent journalists and kissing Pierre Omidyar's ass at the same time, First Look can get on with the important work of something involving a lot of masturbation. The Washington Post's Philip Bump comes close to nailing:

It would be totally baffling if we weren't talking about First Look Media.