Rush Limbaugh Accidentally Tells the Truth About Why We Should Hate Net Neutrality

Yes, the reason you should be opposed to net neutrality is because President Obama is in favor of it.

Sometimes they tell the truth. It's rare, but they do. Sometimes in their phony-baloney careerist outrage, the far-right screechers on talk radio and Fox News Channel accidentally let the truth slip out. This time it was Rush Limbaugh who inadvertantly revealed why his dittoheaded listeners should oppose net neutrality.

Here's the thing. I'm telling you. You don't even to know what [net neutrality is] about. All you need to know is who is behind it, and that alone should disqualify your support. The same people that have given us Obamacare and the way they did it -- lied through their teeth, misrepresent-- ran a con game! They're still running the con.

We'll circle back to his obvious use of projection. In the meantime, yes, the reason you should be opposed to net neutrality is because President Obama is in favor of it. That right there is the entire truth behind why the Republicans are lining up in opposition to a free and open internet. This is precisely why they're so clearly misinforming their followers about what net neutrality is -- because saying what Limbaugh just said might not hold up for very long, even though it's the truth.

Back to the projection. This is how Limbaugh described supporters of net neutrality, but it could absolutely apply to Limbaugh, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and others who are making up pure hooey in opposition to this policy.

They're continue on the belief that got them here, and that is you're too stupid to figure this out.

Limbaugh and Cruz are counting on this. They're counting on the notion that dittoheads will line up against their own self-interest and oppose net neutrality because Obama is for it. What else shall we call it when members of the U.S. Senate repeatedly tell audiences that net neutrality is the exact opposite of what it really is? Worse, Ted Cruz told us the other day that iPhones aren't regulated by the U.S. government or the Communications Act of 1934, when in fact the FCC, created by the Communications Act of 1934, is featured prominently on the back of all iPhones proving that it absolutely regulates the devices. But Obama said something, so Limbaugh's listeners should say the opposite. Because they're children.

Adding... Here's a fairly straightforward and quick description of net neutrality via The New York Times.

Here's Fox News Channel's Shepard Smith accurately explaining net neutrality back in March.

The Republicans are opposed to this. Just because.