Darrell Issa Just Got Trolled Into Retweeting Photos Of Famous Murderers

You know your social media team is having an off day when they're retweeting photos that put Timothy McVeigh in a positive light.

Someone on the social media team of Rep Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is about to get in a lot of trouble. Weird Twitter users hijacked the hashtag #AmericasVets today, tricking Issa's social media staff into retweeting pictures of various mass-murderers -- some of which were pretty goddamn obvious.

Like ... Nazi general Heinrich Himmler obvious.

Now Issa - he's the Benghazi conspiracy guy - is being mocked under the hashtag #twittergate. Issa's staff has already caught on to the gag, but thanks to the Sunlight Foundation's "Politwoops" tool that stores the tweets of various politicians for eternity, we were able to catch some of the instances in which Issa got hardcore Punk'd:

Here's the Himmler RT, as well as a witty rejoinder from the original prankster:


Here's Lee Harvey Oswald:

Lt. William Calley, the guy who ordered the My Lai massacre in Vietnam:


Timothy McVeigh:


Charles Whitman -- the University of Texas clocktower shooter and another Lt. Calley RT:

And then this one just has an SS (Nazi Schutzstaffel) flag clearly visible in it:

It's Friday night, so I imagine some Issa staff are going to get very drunk tonight. Solid trolling, Twitter.