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Racist Daily Caller Hears First Lady Say 'Fried Chicken' and Automatically Thinks 'Black People'

Why did all of these conservative sites immediately think "black people" when Mrs. Obama said "fried chicken"?

The right-wing media's hatred for Michelle Obama is a well-documented and lucrative fact, but even they may have gone too far in seizing on the First Lady's recent comments about the midterm elections and fried chicken.

It all started when conservativewebsites like Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, American Thinker, Weasel Zippers, and even radio giant Rush Limbaugh began reporting that Ms. Obama had offered "black voters" a chance at some "fried chicken" if they voted for Democrats (although Rush alternated between "blacks" and "African-Americans). The Daily Caller proclaimed, "Michelle To Black Voters: Just Vote Democrat, Then Celebrate With Fried Chicken," while Weasel Zippers hammered home the subtext by calling Mrs. Obama's comments "RACIST!"

The point they are making is, of course, devastating. As the ironically-named American Thinker explained, the First Lady's remarks constitute "racial stereotyping that would get a white politician excommunicated from decent society," because, like, how come they can say the n-word, and white people can't? It's just racist. Or at best, reverse-racist. I was just about to congratulate The Daily Caller's editors for their steel-trap-like logic when I actually listened to what Michelle Obama said on Roland Martin's radio show (full interview here):

Roland Martin: If we’re having souls to the poll on Sunday, can we do soul food after we vote?

Mrs. Obama: Absolutely. I give everyone full permission to eat fried chicken after they vote. Only after — if you haven’t voted. [laughter]

Martin: Well just checking!

Mrs. Obama: You make a good point, because I do talk about health — but I think that a good victory for Democrats on Tuesday should be rewarded with fried chicken.”

Martin: And some collard greens, and some mac and cheese.

Mrs. Obama: Well the collard greens are fine. That’s a vegetable, Roland.

Wait, so Mrs. Obama said everyone could have fried chicken, and these racists immediately thought she was only referring to black people? Why did all of these conservative sites immediately think "black people" when Mrs. Obama said "fried chicken," which all of these sites now readily admit is a racist stereotype? Honestly, who the fuck doesn't like fried chicken? It's delicious. What do these people think Chick-Fil-A is? So, when white people eat fried chicken, it's because they hate gays, but when black people do it, it's because they're black? Is it because Roland said "souls," and only black people have souls? Now they're racist against white people, too?

And speaking of racist, what the hell does The Daily Caller mean by accusatorily describing TV One as "a network operating under the motto 'Where Black Life Unfolds,'" like making TV shows while black is some kind of crime? Hands up, don't shoot Roland! If anyone is committing a crime, it's The Daily Caller and company, none of whom linked or credited TV One for the audio they were using. Thieving cracker-ass crackers.

If there is a silver lining here, it's that now that these conservative sites have demonstrated such sensitive radar for racial stereotyping, they'll be sure to call it out next time someone (besides them) is actually being racist.