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Latest Fox News Racism Doesn't Even Make Racist Sense

Forget Ebola, there is no cure for this kind of stupid.
witch doctor

Forget Ebola, there is no cure for this kind of stupid. In her latest bout with Acute Hemorrhagic Negrophobia, Fox News' Outnumbered co-host Andrea Tantaros earned a Media Matters flag this afternoon when she tried to explain this Ebola thing to her fellow Outnumberers. After first telling Fox News' audience that the man diagnosed with the deadly virus in Texas "exposed himself to children," and that we "we can't rely on people for human intelligence," Tantaros proceeded to explain the danger of people from Africa lying in order to exploit our country's superior medical care. That's where she ran into trouble:

"They let him out of this hospital, and he exposed himself to children. So, Harris, I don't think we can trust them to give us the accurate information. We may see people getting on flights saying they haven't come in contact with anybody, and maybe they have because they want treatment in the U.S. We are not equipped to handle this, and at the time when we should be preparing, the president was dancing in Martha's Vineyard and assuring us that this would never happen.

"I'll say it before, I'll say it again, in these countries, they do not believe in traditional medical care, so someone could get off a flight and seek treatment from a witch doctor that practices Santeria. This is a bigger fear. We're hoping that they come to the hospitals in the U.S., they might not."

Set aside the gratuitous shot at NOBAMA, himself the target of the "witch doctor" slur, and just evaluate Tantaros' statement on its own logical merits. One minute, she's afraid that these lying Africans will scam their way into the country to use our awesome hospitals, and our awesome hospitals are not equipped to handle this! Then, she's worried that the covetous-of-medical-advancement liars will instead go to a "witch doctor," because where would they find a Santeria practitioner in West Africa? So, now, hopefully, they will overwhelm our hospitals.

Not a lot of what conservatives are saying about Ebola makes a lot of sense, but at least blaming Obama makes sense on its own terms, because that's what they do for everything. Maybe someone should quarantine Tantaros, because clearly, she's picked up something from all that guano.