Who Gives a F*ck Whether Bill O'Reilly Thinks the Head of the CDC Should Resign?

Megyn Kelly confronts Dr. Tom Frieden with the indignant ravings of her coworker, Bill O'Reilly -- as if his opinion matters one damn bit.
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Let's try a little experiment. I want you to imagine that you're the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and someone asks you one or all of the following questions:

"How do you respond to Pat O'Brien's call for you to resign?"

"How do you respond to Howie Mandel's call for you to resign?"

"How do you respond to Jim J. Bullock's call for you to resign?"

"How do you respond to that woman who played the Nancy Grace character in Gone Girl's call for you to resign?"

"How do you respond to Dan Cortese's call for you to resign?"

"How do you respond to Kermit the Frog's call for you to resign?"

"How do you respond to the Azusa High School softball team's call for you to resign?"

Other than to say, "Why the hell are you asking me this when I'm trying to run the CDC during an Ebola outbreak and these people hold no position of authority whatsoever?" how would you answer? Actually, forget it -- because the answer I just gave would be the only correct response to a question that ridiculous.

And yet last night, there was impeccably groomed shih tzu Megyn Kelly forcing Dr. Tom Frieden of the CDC to entertain the indignant ravings of her co-worker, Bill O'Reilly, who recently demanded that Frieden resign. On his Monday night show, O'Reilly called Frieden the country's "chief propagandist" on Ebola and accused him of "misleading the public," further fanning the flames of alarmism and paranoia that all of Fox News and the conservative entertainment complex in general have been responsible for over the last couple of weeks.

O'Reilly, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Fox News zombie-disdaining quack "Dr. Manny" and Drudge's apocalyptic front page have all made the claim that the government is hiding the truth about Ebola -- all without a shred of evidence to back up their theories. Thankfully, while they're definitely dangerous because they command an audience and can incite panic, what they're not is important. O'Reilly isn't a lawmaker, or a president, or a renowned scientist or researcher -- he's a cable TV carnival barker. The head of the fucking CDC doesn't have to respond to a damn thing he says because nothing he says is significant enough to warrant a response.