Fox News Doesn't Trust the CDC About Ebola Because Obama or Something

Dr. Thomas Frieden says he has complete confidence that the disease can be stopped in its tracks. But Steve Doocy, needless to say, isn't so sure.
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Here it is, your quote of the day:

"One other theme we got on the email, doctor, was this — and this is a political thing, but you’re part of the administration. They feel that the administration has misled a lot of people on a lot of things. Why should we believe you when you’re telling us this stuff?"

That's Steve Doocy talking to Dr. Thomas Frieden about the Ebola patient currently in treatment at a Dallas hospital this morning on Fox & Friends. Yesterday, Frieden not only confirmed the first ever Ebola diagnosis in the U.S. but attempted to reassure the American public by outlining the precautions being taken to prevent any sort of outbreak. Frieden says he has complete confidence that the disease can be stopped in its tracks. But Doocy, needless to say, isn't so sure. And neither are the the people supposedly inundating Fox News with e-mails, people who've spent the past six years being fed a non-stop diet of insanely alarmist horseshit aimed at convincing them that Barack Obama is an incompetent liar out to single-handedly transform the once-great United States of America into a socialist caliphate policed by the Black Panthers.

It was a Fox News personality who first made the connection between the Ebola diagnosis here in the states and Barack Obama, but you could always be damn sure it wouldn't stop with a third-string Barbie doll like Katie Pavlich. Predictably, the idiots on Fox & Friends -- sincerely, the dumbest show on television -- grabbed that sucker and ran with it first thing this morning. In the cavernous space between Doocy's ears, directly behind his smug smirk, there's the constant echo that everything is Obama's fault because this is the go-to position for Fox News, no matter the subject and no matter the contradictory facts.

Actually, you know something? It dawns on me that I wrote something like this just yesterday. I said pretty much the exact same fucking thing. It's the same thing anyone who's paid attention to this stuff and has tried to call it out for the toxic, dishonest nonsense that it is has said over and over again. This crap is so rote by now that I've legitimately run out of ways to make it funny or insightful or even all that surprising. Doocy's a ridiculous cock, Fox News on the whole is a joke, and I'm convinced that having to pay close attention to the intellectual violence perpetrated by both has burned through my brain like psychic napalm. I want to punch somebody. I want to punch Doocy. I want to punch Roger Ailes. If the network had a throat I'd be standing out on 6th Avenue in Midtown right now trying to punch it.

Fuck you, Fox News.

(h/t Wonkette)