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NSFW: Chelsea Handler Explains Being Peed on by Jason Biggs, Because Celebrities Are Just Like Us

There's something about this entire scene that just -- makes sense.
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If there was one thing you could probably be sure of in life, it was that Jason Biggs enjoyed urinating on people and Chelsea Handler enjoyed being urinated on. And so, like Reese's "two great tastes that taste great together," along comes a Vine clip of Biggs allegedly pissing all over Handler's face as she clings to the side of boat.

The video was posted a couple of weeks back by Biggs's goddamn funny wife, Jenny Mollen, and last night on Conan, Handler explained what was happening in the six seconds that we see what appears to be a steady stream of Biggs's golden love raining down on Chandler's head in what was almost certainly the third most disturbing thing she'd experienced since 9am that morning.

Now of course there's a very good chance this entire thing is a prank, because literally every joke that could possibly be conceived by humanity has been done by this point and putting one over on people on the internet is all that's left. But I don't know. There's something about this entire scene that just -- makes sense. Either way, I want an invitation to Biggs, Mollen and Handler's next big outing. Which speaks volumes about what I'm into, both comedically and sexually.

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