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Fox News Slams Obama For Low Gas Prices After Slamming Him For High Gas Prices

Fox News spent a lot of time blaming President Obama for high gas prices, so now that gas and oil prices are falling like the rocks in The Five's heads, they must be fairly balancing it out.
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Anyone who has filled up their gas tank lately has noticed that gas prices have dropped significantly over the past few months, and now sit at an average of $3.03 per gallon, its lowest level since November of 2010. That's a far cry from the doom that Fox News has been predicting throughout most of Barack Obama's presidency, particularly during his 2012 reelection bid. Former Fox News employee Newt Gingrich tried to make it a huge campaign issue, as did the RNC, and the network eagerly came along for the ride. Here's a refresher, in case you've forgotten:

Hey, that last stat sounds familiar somehow.

At least as far as pain at the pump goes, though, happy days are here again, so liberals like myself and Wonkette's Rebecca Schoenkopf couldn't help but be a bit perturbed when Media Matters' John Whitehouse circulated this curious screenshot of a Fox Business chyron that seemed to show that Fox Buisness Network was trying to spin lower gas prices as bad news:

As it turns out, though, the screenshot here is deceptive, because despite the chyron, the segment in question is an interview with a guest who says that the Wall Street Journal is wrong when they say lower gas prices are bad for the economy.

Boy, are our faces red. Looks like Fox Business is sort of playing it straight. Now, let's all remain perfectly still and silent while Twitchy stops reading now, and goes off to write about how we got beclowned.

But over at Fox News, where they spent so much time blaming President Obama for high gas prices, surely they are now crediting him for the lower gas prices, and not at all spinning lower gas prices as bad news, right?

Actually, the guests from Fox Business have been trying to talk some sense into their Fox News comrades, with varying degrees of success, but when it comes to properly assessing gas pump politics, I think President Obama had it right when he said that Americans were smart enough to see through this. After all, we're not currently suffering through a Gingrich administration.

Still, I think this guy said it best, in April of 2008, when George W. Bush was still president:

So the next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down gas prices, understand it's complete BS!

If America wants lower gas prices, cut back! Sell those SUV's, ride a bike when you can!

Yes, folks, that is a Fox News host telling you to ride a bike! So, the next time you fill up, remember to thank Obama, even if you don't think he deserves the credit. It's the Fair and Balanced™ thing to do.