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The GOP's New and Subtly Racist Anti-Obama Attack Ad Will Scare You To Death

The Republican Party's closing argument in the 2014 midterms: Have You Crapped Your Big-Boy Pants Yet?
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Or maybe not. At the very least, the latest ad from the Republican National Committee is designed to scare the pants off nearsighted, mouth-breathing ignoramuses who are utterly clueless about what's happening in the world and whether President Obama is legitimately to blame for all of it. And just in time for Halloween.

The ad begins with a first-person-point-of-view shot of a guy reading his iPad and watching television. Doomsday headlines zip into frame:



On the guy's iPad we see am actual news headline from CBS This Morning: "ISIS gaining ground despite U.S. airstrikes." On the television, we see a headline from CNN: "ISIS advances put U.S. allies 'against a wall.'" Of course while all of these terrible things are happening 6,000 miles away in the Middle East, notice how the guy with the iPad is kicked back, legs crossed, while wearing comfy slippers in a spiffy upper-middle-class living room watching an expensive handheld device and a flatscreen television hooked up to what appears to be DirectTV and a Blu-ray player. Yes, life in America is real shithole isn't it? Thanks, Obama.

The narration and scary headlines continue.

"Ebola inside the U.S."

Do we really need to talk through this one again? How is this Obama's fault exactly? It doesn't matter, of course, because it all fits within the patina of a Summer blockbuster disaster movie with the ultimate message: this is what happens when you elect a lazy, shiftless (read that: black) president -- it's a Zombie Apocalypse whenever a hoops-shooting Chicago gangsta' occupies the White House even though pretty much the exact same events would've happened (Ebola, ISIS, terrorists murdering people) if Mitt Romney had been elected in 2012.

By the way, just in case you think I'm exaggerating the racism angle, here's the very next frame of the video.


Yes, that's the President of the United States comped on top of an "Obola" blood smear and a brick wall with very subtle (to match its subtle racism) urban graffiti. We've seen a lot of racist images of Obama over the years: the watermelons growing on the White House lawn; the witchdoctor image; the various lynching effigies; but this might be the first time the establishment Republican Party has matched its Southern Strategy politics with an actual visualization of it. Call it: "Gangsta' Obama and His Spray-Paint Ghetto Graffiti." Again, it's subtle enough to be almost subliminal, but that's all it takes to boil the blood of rural white men, driving them to the polls next month. I mean, what other statement is the RNC trying to make with the brick wall and the graffiti?

The video moves on to Obama's attempts to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, and to transfer the few remaining detainees to Supermax prisons on the mainland. That right there is pure, unapologetic fearmongering. Obama is planning to move the detainees to the world's most secure prisons, which obviously makes him a terrorist sympathizer in the eyes of voters who are totally unaware that President Bush released more than 500 Guantanamo detainees.

Really, the only things missing from the video are an image of a freshly decapitated journalist and a darkened, grainy image of Ray Rice. The Republican Party's closing argument in the 2014 midterms: Have You Crapped Your Big-Boy Pants Yet?