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Guess Where Sean Hannity Wants to Build Another Border Fence

During a "special edition" of his show the other day, Hannity was asked by Bob Beckel if he also supports a fence along our northern border with Canada.
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In case you're just joining us, Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity fancies himself an honorary border patrol agent, going so far as to pose with Texas Governor Rick Perry, practically humping a gigantic machine gun along shores of the Rio Grande. One of the many inconsistencies with Hannity's posture on immigration across the southern border of the U.S. is that it entirely overlooks the completely wide-open northern border. Couldn't so-called evildoers easily enter the country from Canada? It'd be much easier than entering through Mexico.

So, during a "special edition" of his show the other day, Hannity was asked by Bob Beckel if he also supports a fence along our northern border with Canada.

HANNITY: My point is, don't you think it would be in our best interest if we want to not get hit again by terrorists to maybe secure our border?

BECKEL: I don't think that's the place you need to worry about it.

HANNITY: You don't want to secure the border?

BECKEL: No, of course I want to secure the border. But I think that's a fool's game. You keep talking about it, as if somehow - you keep talking about this, theRepublicans and the right-wing keep talking about arming the border, 12 foot fence and I've told you over and over again, I'll buy the 13-foot ladder. You're silly. You're being silly. [...]

BECKEL: I just want to say that when you listen to Hunter, and you start spreading this fear about ISIS coming through the border of Mexico, it is absurd. Canada would be a place you might want to come through. There is no organized -

HANNITY: I'd put a fence there too. Colonel --

BECKEL: Oh you would put a fence by Canada? That would make some news, now. Are you sure?

Wow. In addition to building a fence (not a hefty Berlin Wall like Bill O'Reilly suggested, just a fence) along the rest of the border with Mexico, with the price tag of $4.8 billion. That's roughly $3.5 million per mile. A fence along all 3,987 miles of the Canadian border would cost around $14 billion, and that doesn't include the 1,538 border between Canada and Alaska. And then what? Unless we have guards patrolling the fence, what's to keep ISIS terrorists from cutting the fence and walking right in? Okay, then add border patrol agents every few hundred feet, on guard 24-hours-a-day. How much will that cost? A lot. Odd that Hannity, who despises government spending, wouldn't mind an infrastructure project on that scale. All told, he wants to spend $14 billion on a totally ineffectual fence. Smart.