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Republican Asshole Gets His Wish As Texas Ebola Patient Dies

Contracting Ebola isn't necessarily fatal, but we're afraid the idiocy of Todd Kincannon is terminal.
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Texas man Thomas Eric Duncan, who contracted Ebola in Liberia and has been quarantined at Texas Health Presbyterian Center in Dallas since mid-September, has died.

Duncan leaves behind a partner and multiple children, who have been in forced quarantine while being monitored for possible symptoms during the virus' 21-day incubation period. By all means this is a tragedy - but maybe not if you're asshole Todd Kincannon. Here's the diatribe he tweeted on Oct. 4:

And then this jaw-dropping post:

Todd Kincannon, of course, was the executive director of the South Carolina GOP for a few months until he resigned for lamenting on Twitter than an anti-war veteran "didn't come home in a body bag." He is ardently pro-life, except when it comes to people who are sick and desperately need assistance and quality medical care. It's worth noting that Kincannon's suggestion to just kill them and be done with it puts him in the proud company of Hitler's Action T4 that ordered euthanasia for people "not worth living." It also puts him in the same camp as Vlad the Impaler.

Congratulations, Todd. I hope you're happy knowing the threat of this particular disease vector and/or human life is over, although you'd probably be happier had it been from a lethal injection rather than complications from disease. In the meantime, you and other Republicans from Donald Trump to Rand Paul or the entire conservative blogosphere can keep fear-mongering about Ebola, even though the real threat to most Americans remains the dangerous perception that their expiration date is nigh.

Fortunately, Pew found that  58% of Americans believe the CDC can handle the direct threat that Ebola poses to the U.S. - probably without resorting to mass executions. So if you do end up with Ebola, Todd, rest assured that some pretty brave and committed medical staff will do their best to save your life at great personal risk whether or not you deserve it. That's still how we do things in places where people care about each other.