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Watch the Best On-Air Resignation Ever: 'F**k It, I Quit'

That's one way to quit your job.

Here's a great way to start off your Monday: Anchorage reporter Charlo Greene of KTVA simultaneously delivered a scoop, a resignation, and an f-bomb when she revealed to viewers that she's the co-founder of the Alaska Cannabis Club that she'd just been reporting on, and declared "Fuck it, I quit."

Even better than that was the anchor's reaction, which was to try and toss to commercial, which didn't work out. Check it out:

Greene's resignation was not just some vain news blooper, however. She's putting her money where her mouth is in order to support marijuana legalization in Alaska. What's remarkable about her resignation is that it came on the heels of a report in which she detailed the efforts of her own club to advocate for legalization.

Here's the full report that preceded Charlo Greene's unceremonious resignation:

Greene explained her resignation in more detail at a crowdfunding page that you can read here.