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The 3 Most Politically Accomplished Former Miss America Winners

Poise counts!
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Last night, Miss New York Kira Kazantsev won the esteemed title of Miss America 2015, proving that it really is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. And if history has taught us anything, it's that we should expect big things to come from this soon-to-be Former Miss America, quite possibly even in the influential world of politics.

The fluent-in-Russian triple major out of Hofstra University wowed the crowd with her ability to sing "Happy" by Pharrell whilst making percussion noises with cups, and after stating that the one issue she felt needed attention and resources was military sexual assault, she completely won over panel of judges that consisted of:

a social media/wine expert

- the creator of Desperate Housewives

Kathy Ireland, a former model and author of Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity.

Lee Ann Meriwether, Miss America 1955 and Catwoman 1966

Donald Driver, former Green Bay Packer and current former Green Bay Packer

Shawn Johnson, a gold-medal Olympic gymnast who retired from profession due to old age in 2012 (she was 20)

- and a retired Army Brig. Gen. named Anne MacDonald, for some reason

Obviously, we've come a long way from the Miss South Carolina 2007 affair. In fact, former Miss America winners have helped shape this nation, especially in the political sphere, and it's high time we start giving them the respect they deserve.

In honor of one of our most celebrated American traditions, here is The Daily Banter's list of the 3 Most Politically Accomplished Former Miss Americans:

Gretchen Carlson


The former Miss American 1989 and former co-host ofFox & Friends was formerly babysat by Michelle Bachman as a child, which explains a lot. Growing up, she was an accomplished violinist, winning numerous local and national competitions, but now she spends her time performing in front of the camera like a trained platinum-haired monkey that is only meant to be a source of distraction and/or ridicule:

Elizabeth Gracen


17 years after being crowned Miss America in 1982, Gracen landed the dream gig of a recurring role in the Highlander TV series after dazzling in guest roles for shows like Murder, She Wrote and The Twilight Zone.

However, she gained true national spotlight when she claimed to have slept with Bill Clinton, which she explains by saying: "I was very young, but I always knew what I was doing. It's behavior that I wouldn't recommend to any young women, no matter what degree of glamour or glitter there seems to be at first."

Angela Perez Baraquio


Filipino-American Angela Perez Baraquio Grey was crowned Miss America 2001 on October 14, 2000, marking the first time an Asian-American had ever won the pageant. A teacher whose focus was on character education, she made sure to impart her very conservative, very pro-life opinions on thousands of influential minds, eventually spreading her message even further as a panelist on MTV's "Pageant School: Becoming Miss America" and as a special guest on more shallow television content like Fox News', Hannity:

These three, beautiful (inside and out) women are prime examples of Former Miss Americans making a major impact in the political realm, teaching us valuable lessons about the importance of intelligence, the value of hard work, and exactly when a human life begins. However, we must not forget the most important rule of all when it comes to being a Former Miss America...