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Steve Doocy Scolds Nude Selfie-Takers and Also Doesn't Know What the Point Of a Selfie Is

That was awkward.

It didn't take a Fox News host very long to say pretty much exactly what you thought they might about the massive celebrity nude photo hack. Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends came out firing on Tuesday morning after the Labor Day weekend and explained what the real message in all of this is: The victims shouldn't have taken nude photos of themselves.

Doocy and his co-host Brian Kilmeade had a very awkward conversation that left poor Anna Kooiman sporting one of the best Get Me Out Of Here faces of all time:

Doocy: Maybe the message is: don’t take naked pictures of yourself. Just stop.... There’s this thing called a mirror. If you want to see yourself naked, look in the mirror, don’t take a picture of yourself.

Doocy seems to be missing what the point of selfie is, nude or otherwise. People are aware of the existence of mirrors, but you see, Steve, unlike cameras, mirrors are unable to capture images or send said images via text or email to significant others or post on social media.

But worse, Doocy is laying at least some of the blame with the victims here when the reality is that the private communications of two consenting adults are meant to be just that: private.

And while this crime reminds us that our devices are vulnerable to security breaches, the message is this: Don't hack people's phones.

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