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Quote of the Day: David Gregory Is the Least Self-Aware Person Alive

Irony, thy name is David Gregory.
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“[I]n Washington political journalism the narrative gets set, and it gets set early and built on. And things that fight the narrative get harder to report out, I think, often because of laziness in media. I think that the media... has gotten very attached to the idea that Washington is so dysfunctional and that the country is so frustrated with it. There is a self-fulfilling part of that. I think sometimes it’s an oversimplification to talk about the speed of the news cycle. That’s a part of the problem, but what it is is the attachment to narrative."

-- David Gregory in his first public appearance since being fired by NBC, hosting the No Labels's National Strategic Agenda meeting Wednesday

David Gregory said this.

The same David Gregory who hosted the weekly Beltway daisy chain that is Meet the Press for six years.

That David Gregory.

This David Gregory:

This is the person bemoaning the state of the political press in this country -- calling it lazy.

David Gregory, whose name has to come from whatever the Latin phrase was for "conventional wisdom."

Yeah, David Gregory -- or as he's known in media circles right now: who?