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PINTERESTING NEWS: The Daily Banter Is On Pinterest!

Time to show those Pinterest soccer moms what's up.
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As you may or may not have heard, Facebook recently changed its NewsFeed algorithm in a laudworthy attempt to curb UpWorthy-esque "YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT THIS DOG DID ON THIS TRAMPOLINE!" posts from clogging up your News Feed. Unfortunately, because Facebook is incapable of doing anything right, tons of small business owners have seen their marketing efforts wasted, only to hear "Fuck you, pay us" from Facebook in return.

We'd honestly tip our hat at the clever scam if we weren't getting so royally screwed by it (and it's not like we're launching a huge 'Campaign to UnFuck the Internet' or anything...). Fortunately, we have a crack social media team and they've decided to give the finger right back to Facebook by unveiling our very own...


Why are we joining yet another silly social media site you ask?

Well, Pinterest has 70 million users and most likely none of them have Members Section memberships, but more importantly Pinterest now drives more internet traffic to publishers like us than Twitter and Reddit combined, and its growing. In the first quarter of 2014, the company drove 48.36% more traffic than it did at the end of 2013. For a site that can afford to spend a whopping $0 on social media marketing advertising, this is music to our ears.

But more importantly for you, because Pinterest works by allowing our profile to make "Boards," we can group articles of the same topic together so that you can easily find your favorite articles while ignoring what you don't like.

Only want to read about Bob Cesca's NSA work because Bryce Rudow's latest analysis into the world of Kanye West makes your head hurt? Just follow our "NSA: Always Looking Out For You" board.

Do you love Chez's takedowns of Salon so much that you're outraged he hasn't gone after them in a while? Check out our "Inside Looks At Other Outlets" board.

Or maybe we could interest you in one of these Pinterest boards:

- "Guns Are Silly Things To Have"

- "Modern Sociology"

- "ISIS: The New Bad Guys"

- "Finding Ferguson: Our Coverage Of Ferguson, Missouri"

- "Are You There God? It's Us Banter"

- "Crashing The Mad Tea Party"

- "TV, Film, Music, And Other Necessary Distractions"

Not to mention any of the other various, informative, educational boards too raunchy and amazing to mention here.

Time to show those Pinteresting soccer moms what's up.