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New York Times Makes Hilarious Correction, Had It Right the First Time

That'll do, Times. That'll do.
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It's shocking to think that Dick Cheney is still in the United States and isn't up against a wall out behind the Hague right now. But given that he is somehow walking around a free man, it's actually not a surprise at all that the House Republicans are seeking his counsel on how to deal with ISIS. It's not a surprise because the House Republicans are fucking idiots and don't deserve to be taken the least bit seriously about anything ever.

Harry Reid summed the whole idea up best when he said, with priceless restraint and understatement, "I think they better be very careful with the advice that they take from Dick Cheney." The New York Times delved a little into that advice -- and Cheney's visit to the Hill in general -- in an article today by Jonathan Weisman titled "Cheney Urges House G.O.P. to Abandon Isolationism."

The piece was pretty standard stuff, but at the end of the version that's still up at the Times's website there's a correction. And it is, in a word, perfect.

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That'll do, Times. That'll do.