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ISIS Releases "Flames Of War" Movie Trailer, Turns Our American Weapons Against Us

This trailer for a nonexistent film called Flames Of War is apparently a coming attraction for "the fighting," which the trailer promises has "just begun."
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On Tuesday, ISIS graduated from shoddily-filmed, over-exposed handheld decapitation videos to a shoddily-filmed cheap Hollywood knock-off trailer for a nonexistent film called Flames Of War that is apparently a coming attraction for "the fighting," which the trailer promises has "just begun."

And although this terrifying bit of terrorist propaganda was launched at the perfect time when we're still just trying to make sure most Americans know that ISIS IS A RADICAL EXTREMIST GROUP THAT DOESN'T REPRESENT ALL MUSLIMS, there's really only one country to blame for this latest ISIS theatrical attack:


Sure we've been sending gift bags full of military weapons over to random groups in the Middle East for years, but this is the first time the enemy has used our own weapons against us so effectively.

Think about it.

Doesn't that "Flames of War" logo look a little too familiar?

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.41.59 AM

Those slow motion shots that are held just a little too long and that shake a bit because of the sheer impact of the moment only to eventually explode into life? You think they came up with that kind of cinematographical magic on their own? There's American documentarian Ken Burns' fingerprints all over that move.

And what about the crescendoing, high-pitched sound of a bomb bringing impending death and destruction? That's a direct rip-off of US cinematic treasure Pearl Harbor starring US cinematic treasure Ben Affleck.

Or Looney Tunes...

And it's downright irresponsible as a country supposedly so worried about its security to think that these religious extremists didn't learn a valuable thing or two from MTV Award-winning American director Michael Bay:

No, there's no denying that ISIS are a bunch of mad dogs off their leash and that the world is a less safe place with them in it, but when you're getting goosebumps watching these horrific 187 seconds, remember that it is really just a product of our own creation.

We gave them the tools to build this and now we're forced to reckon with that fact now that they've used them to assemble one hell of a YouTube diss video. Comment section disabled.