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Howie Kurtz Continues His Campaign of Stupidity Against Stephen Colbert

Howard Kurtz has always been dumb. We had no idea he was this dumb.
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It really has to be tough being Howard Kurtz. Nobody, literally nobody, of any consequence takes you seriously as a journalist, let alone one credible enough to be able to provide critiques of other journalists. Howie's always been a hack but since being exiled to the least respectable major news outlet in America, his finger-wagging superintendent shtick has taken on a sad patina of self-parody. Nobody working for Fox News gets to shame another journalist or journalistic organization and not get laughed out of the room, least of all a boob like Howard Kurtz.

For months now Howie's white whale has been Stephen Colbert, with the comedian mocking Kurtz more than once by pointing out his general pointlessness as a journalistic pundit. But given that Colbert is, in fact, a comedian, his humorous attacks aren't anywhere near as embarrassing to Kurtz as Kurtz's own response to Colbert. This past March, Howie appeared to suffer some kind of stroke when he took to his own show, the god-awful Mediabuzz, to rail against Colbert, calling him "a clown" and "a fake anchor... maligning hard-working journalists." Kurtz was responding to a segment on The Colbert Report that lampooned him for harping on Hillary Clinton's age in the lead-up to the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election.

Now he's at it again. Yesterday on Mediabuzz, Howie again took a shot at Colbert, this time in response to Colbert jokingly suggesting last week that somebody should do Kurtz a favor and pull him off the air. Kurtz ran the clip, then said this:

“I hope you will be safe when you have to get in front of the camera at The Late Show and survive as yourself after dropping your protective cloak as a pompous blowhard.”

Granted, Kurtz claims he was just joking around himself by taking a shot at Colbert -- and he's pushing back at those who rightly ridiculed him on Twitter for trying to get into it with a comedian.

The fact remains, though, that the longer he allows this "feud" to go on, the sillier he's going to look. You simply can't defeat a satirist, certainly not someone with Colbert's skill and Colbert's audience. If Kurtz is just trying to give a comic a taste of his own medicine, he's doomed to fail miserably, since he's not a comic. Although, if you think about it, maybe there's some entertainment value in watching a talented comedian impersonating a smug douche for the sake of getting laughs go up against a real smug douche who gets laughs unintentionally.