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Here's How a Restaurant SHOULD Deal with A**hole Customers and Their Demanding Diets

Just shut the fuck up and eat already.
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Photo: Eater SF

While San Francisco's Asian population is one of the most vibrant in the country, I still can't imagine trying to run a Chinese restaurant there. When you consider how obnoxiously sanctimonious so many Bay Area hyper-liberals are when it comes to sustainability, and how health-conscious and exclusionary their diets can be, hoping that they'll just sit the fuck down and enjoy something delicious without fretting over it seems like a lost cause.

A lot of Chinese food contains MSG, not a lot of it is organic, and like most ethnic cuisine it doesn't cater to those who lose their minds over gluten or who indulge in any other first world food fad. If you don't understand this, stay the hell away from it and go eat some kale.

Last night, the chef-owner of SO, a popular Chinese restaurant in San Francisco's SoMa district, finally got fed up with customers' irrational complaints and irritating dietary demands and essentially went on strike. He left the kitchen, then left the restaurant altogether, but not before taping his own version of the Ninety-Five Theses in the place's window. It read: "We are closed because of you (customers) SO... Yes we use MSG! SO... We don't believe in organic food AND... don't give a shit about gluten-free."

According to one member of the restaurant's staff, the chef's statement of defiance was posted after back-to-back confrontations with rude customers. As Eater SF describes it, "One party refused to pay their bill after deeming the food 'too spicy,' while another cursed at the owner." With that, the guy just decided he'd had enough -- although now that he's regained his composure, SO is reportedly open for business again today.

Hopefully, some lessons have been learned -- and I don't mean by the chef. Seriously, When the food looks this good, just eat it already. And it's not wise to piss off a high-strung guy with a knife anyway.