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Fox News Channel's Elisabeth Hasselbeck Connects NFL Scandals to Benghazi

No, we didn't make this up. She really did it.
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No, we didn't make this up. She really did it. Elisabeth Hasselbeck became the first Fox News Channel screecher to link the recent scandals in the NFL with the network's ongoing obsession over alleged wrongdoing during the attack on the U.S. consulate at Benghazi in Libya.

It's actually pretty amazing how they've been able to get away with linking anything to Benghazi -- without the slightest hint of irony.

YOU: Was there a second shooter on the grassy knoll?
FOX NEWS: Not sure, but it's like Benghazi!

YOU: I can't believe the Vikings reinstated Adrian Peterson.
FOX NEWS: I know, just like Benghazi.

Together, Fox News, the anti-Obama internet and AM talk radio have stripped all meaning from Benghazi and whittled it down to just another word in a long list of conspiracy theories along with chemtrails, weather weapons and FEMA camps. They've unintentionally taken a serious event and made it unserious by doing exactly what Hasselbeck did on Twitter. If they ever wanted the rest of us to take them seriously on their claims, they shouldn't have beaten the topic to death, stripping it down to the level of unhinged paranoiacs like Alex Jones.

And no, there aren't any similarities between the NFL's handling of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson alleged crimes and the attack in Benghazi. They're completely different events, with completely different reactions, and, yes, the administration has been considerably more transparent -- submitting countless documents and hours upon hours of testimony.

Grow up, Elisabeth.