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FBI Identifies Murderous Asshole In ISIS Beheading Videos

This is a step toward reassuring Westerners that these murders will not go unanswered.

He might just be the most despised man in the Western world these days, but the piece of shit in those ISIS beheading videos won't be able to hide behind his anonymous "Jihadi John" nickname and flowing scarves much longer. According to FBI Director James Comey, we know who he is.

Beginning with the vile murder of journalist James Foley in August, the murderous ISIS spokesman with a London accent has courted fame as the world's most visible pussy, cowering behind his veil as he kills bound, unarmed men. Nicknamed "Jihadi John" by the British press, he has since appeared in videos in featuring the similar murders American journalist Steven Sotloff and British aid worker David Haines. Early on, there were unconfirmed reports that British intelligence officials were close to identifying the man in those videos, but on Thursday, FB.I Director James Comey confirmed that the U.S. believes they now know who he is:

The FBI has identified the ISIS executioner who appears in the beheading videos of US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and British aid worker John Haines.
Agency director James Comey told reporters today that he knew who the militant was but would not be releasing his identity or nationality to the media.

...Comey added the FBI is still working hard to identify two people in ISIS videos who appear to have American or Canadian accents.
'We have a big focus going on that right now,' Comey said.

He said the FBI believes that ISIS is 'looking to try to do something in the U.S.,' but added he did not believe the group is capable of a sophisticated or complex attack.

While the FBI isn't releasing the killer's name yet, the fact that they're confirming this seems to be something of a psychological strategy. Aside from stripping him of his anonymity, the knowledge that the authorities are on to him, and perhaps his family and associates back home, could provoke "Jihadi John" to act recklessly, and aid in the effort to capture him and his associates. It's also a step toward reassuring Westerners that these murders will not go unanswered.