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EVERYBODY PANIC: Possible Ebola Case in Miami

Of course the complete breakdown of American society and the death of every single one of us would begin in Miami.
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It was somehow inevitable that Miami would be ground zero for the communicable disease that wiped out the United States. And so here we are, with Telemundo now issuing this ominous little breaking item:

Yesterday during an interview on Meet the Press, President Obama said that the fight against the Ebola outbreak that's rampaged through West Africa is a national security concern for the U.S. He's pledging military equipment, resources and personnel to help in what's currently a chaotic attempt to stop the virus, which has already killed more than 2,000 people.

Right now the disease can be contracted only through direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is infected with it, but if the virus were to mutate it could potentially be much more transmissible and therefore much more dangerous and difficult to contain.

Enjoy your Monday.

Update"Never mind. Good drill, everybody.