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Here Comes the Anti-Vaccination Crowd's Insane Response To State Farm Dropping Rob Schneider

For every action there is an equal and painfully stupid reaction.
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For every action there is an equal and painfully stupid reaction, especially in the age of social media.

Yesterday we told you how State Farm insurance had dumped Rob Schneider as a spokesperson because it's a company whose business model is based around keeping you safe and healthy and he's someone who spends his spare time telling people not to vaccinate their kids. Schneider claims there's a link between childhood vaccines and autism (there isn't) and says that vaccination restrictions in schools are just like the Nuremberg laws (they're not), so you can understand State Farm's decision to get as far away from him as possible. Schneider responded to being canned in the subtle fashion you'd expect from someone who equates vaccines with Nazis, immediately taking to Twitter to invoke his right to free speech and the Founding Fathers.

But now, right on cue, Schneider's fellow paranoiacs in the anti-vaxx community are rallying around him and promising to make State Farm pay for being in the pocket of Big Pharma. Or something.

A website called "Health Impact News," which claims to run all the health news other media outlets "censor," is decrying State Farm's actions -- with the author of one article personally stating that he's going to dump the insurance company because it dumped Rob Schneider.

I am immediately dropping State Farm. I have used State Farm for my car and home insurance for about 10 years. I just sent an email to my agent, letting her know how disappointed I was to learn that State Farm had caved in to the pharmaceutical vaccine industry, an industry rife with fraud and corruption, simply because one of the actors in their advertisements sees fit to warn parents on the dangers of vaccines on his own time in his private life.

Again for the cheap seats, the reason why what Schneider says and does in his "private life" matters here is that he's recommending a course of action that's diametrically opposed to the one endorsed by his employer. There's no censorship and playing the "free speech" card amounts to absolutely nothing in this case given that no one -- certainly not the government -- tried to shut Rob Schneider up. He's entitled to say whatever the hell he wants about vaccines, but State Farm is under no obligation to cut him a paycheck while he's doing it. His actions embarrass the company by opposing its mission and the company therefore gets to release him.

It won't surprise you to learn that Twitter has also come alive, with anti-vaxxers trying to make "#BoycottStateFarm" into a thing. Let's hear from some of the concerned citizens behind the newest iteration of this hashtag, shall we?

You know, if you're looking for the real conspiracy here it may be that State Farm simply figured out the easiest way to rid itself of all its highest-risk customers.

In the end it all comes down to this: when deciding whether or not to vaccinate your child against diseases that can not only kill him or her but other kids as well, you can listen to virtually every medical expert in the country, or you can listen to an ex-Playboy Bunny and the guy who made The Hot Chick.