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Charles Krauthammer Wins Asshole Quote of the Week

Real-life talking corpse Charles Krauthammer has seriously attacked President Obama for being narcissistic know it all.
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“Obama is clearly a narcissist in the non-scientific use of the word. He is so self-involved, you see it from his rise....There’s not anyone of independent stature around him. There was in the first term, because he needed them to prop him up. But now that he entered a second term, he’s the master of the universe, so there’s nobody around him. He is impervious to outside advice, real advice that he takes."

- Charles Krauthammer speaking to Hugh Hewitt on President Obama (h/t Mediaite)

Yes, you read that right. Real-life talking corpse Charles Krauthammer has seriously attacked President Obama for being narcissistic know it all.  Krauthammer is mostly famous outside extreme neo-con circles for being wrong aboutliterally everythinghe has ever spoken about,and has never, ever accepted being wrong.

This would be a bit like John McCain accusing Ron Paul of being a war monger - a charge so ludicrous you have to give the accuser credit for sheer ballsiness.

But then that has always been Krauthammer's game. The insufferably smug talking head looks at reality, then makes an active decision to completely ignore it while trying to convince everyone else to do the same. Luckily, Krauthammer lives (and I use the term loosely) in the Fox News era where serial liars and manipulators get their own TV shows and have respectable titles like 'political analyst', or 'contributor' etc etc. Being an asshole contrarian pays the bills for Krauthammer, and it's amazing to see he's still going strong.

Obama is notorious for taking outside advice, so much so that his own party detests his willingness to negotiate with Republicans and listen to their concerns. Obama has compromised with Republicans over and over again, bending over backwards to craft centrist policy in order to pass legislation. Clearly Krauthammer knows this is true, and is using his tried and tested measure of saying the complete opposite. It's a neat trick really, and one that you can use over and over again without having to do much thinking:

Reality: The Iraq war was an unmitigated disaster

Krauthammer translation: The Iraq war was a great success

Reality: Obama is taking the fight to ISIS

Krauthammer translation: Obama is being weak on ISIS

Reality: The American economy is growing

Krauthammer translation: Obama has destroyed the economy

Reality: America is adding jobs at a respectable rate

Krauthammer translation: Obama is going to war on jobs

Reality: Obamacare has helped insure millions of people

Krauthammer translation: Obamacare is forcing people out of health insurance

Won't this guy please fuck off?