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BuzzFeed is Getting Into Social Gaming. Internet Is Officially F*cked.

After raising $50 million from Andreessen Horowitz, internet giant Buzzfeed has decided to get into gaming in an effort to further ‘reshape’ the industry.
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(image: The BuzzFeed Love Life forecaster)

After raising $50 million from Andreessen Horowitz, internet giant BuzzFeed has decided to get into gaming in an effort to further 'reshape' the industry. As reported by Tech Crunch:

"The site is building up a games team of its own. Vice President of Product Chris Johanesen told me that the full-time team currently consists of a producer, two designers, and two developers. And Capital New York recently spotted a job listing for another game developer....He attributed BuzzFeed’s interest in this area to the success of its aforementioned quizzesearlier this year, which led to increased interest in interactive content.

Apparently, three editors and the games team brainstormed for a week and came up with the following mind numbingly idiotic game called the Love Life Forecaster. Playing the game consists of pressing the 'start' button and watching words like 'SEX', 'Stay trill', 'Do you boo', 'Maybe ask a friend IRL', and 'YES YES Y'ALL' pop up in quick succession. The idea is that you press 'stop' and whatever you land on is your love life forecaster. It really is that fucking stupid.

“We wanted to create things that people would play with rather than just consume,” Johanesen told Tech Crunch.

Great. The company responsible for polluting the internet with endless listicles ripped off from other people's work is now working on more effective ways of keeping people clicking on pointless garbage. If you are concerned about the proliferation of this type of content flooding the web, buckle up because this is apparently where we're headed.

After joining the board of BuzzFeed , Chris Dixon of Andreessen-Horowitz justified their investment in the following language:

The most interesting tech companies aren’t trying to sell software to other companies. They are trying to reshape industries from top to bottom.

BuzzFeed has technology at its core. Its 100+ person tech team has created world-class systems for analytics, advertising, and content management. Engineers are 1st class citizens. Everything is built for mobile devices from the outset. Internet native formats like lists, tweets, pins, animated GIFs, etc. are treated as equals to older formats like photos, videos, and long form essays. BuzzFeed takes the internet and computer science seriously.

BuzzFeed may take the internet and computer science seriously, but sadly it does not take itself seriously, and that poses a grave threat to the future of online content. If the best and brightest are working on reshaping the industry to get people reading "12 Times Amy Fowler From "The Big Bang Theory" Proved She Was The Sass Queen," the internet truly is fucked.