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Bill Maher Should Accept Glenn Beck's Invitation To Talk About Islam on TheBlaze TV

Glenn Beck would like to have a word with Bill Maher.

One admirable quality that liberal Bill Maher and conservative Glenn Beck share is that they don't constantly pander to their respective audiences like most TV show hosts. If they hold opinions that won't be well received by their listeners, they still have no qualms about voicing them. Maher is booed with surprising frequency by his audience, while Beck isn't afraid to throw his conservative listeners curveballs about gay marriage, undocumented immigrant children, and the Iraq war.

What gets the atheist Maher the most flak from his fellow liberals is the very thing Beck recently invited him on TheBlaze TV to have a "civil dialogue" about: Islam. Maher, an outspoken critic of all religion, routinely commits a cardinal sin in the eyes of liberals by stating the obvious fact that the vast majority of religiously-motivated violence in the world is carried out by Islamists who are inspired by the Quran to wage violent jihad. Try as he might to concede that most Muslims don't behave in such a violent fashion, Maher is regularly called an "Islamophobe" by those on the Left who refuse to acknowledge what's directly in front of their faces.

Here's Beck reaching out to Maher after praising HBO Real Time host for his critical comments about Islam on Charlie Rose:

"There are those people, they have said to me for years, friends have said, 'You know, you have a lot different from people like Bill Maher. You are night and day different. But there are a lot of things you guys agree on.'

"I don't know why we spend all of our time accentuating our differences. Maybe it's time we start focusing on the things that we can unite on, because that's a big one. That's huge. He believes that to his core. I believe that to my core.


"I know what my pivot point is. Bill, can you find your way to a pivot point? Can you find your way to saying, 'You know what? There are good people that I don't agree with. Maybe we should start talking to each other.' Because, the really super bad guys are starting to come out. "

Since starting TheBlaze, Beck has been noticeably more measured than during his chalk-wielding days at Fox News. Earlier this year, Beck apologized for "helping tear the country apart." The apology was met with skepticism and derision by his detractors.

Whatever differences Beck and Maher have -- and they are many -- it would be highly entertaining to see the two of them sit down and talk about one of the few things they do agree on, and maybe even some of the things they don't.

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