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Conservatives Freak Out Over Obama's "Latte Salute" Because He Didn't Use Bush's Dog Instead

Maybe this is an isolated incident, though, like every other time Barack Obama has been convicted of Presidenting While Black.

Conservatives are freaking out (and even openly weeping) over a White House Instagram video that shows President Obama saluting a U.S. Marine on his way down the steps of Marine One...with a latté in his hand!

Even the normally liberal Alec Baldwin had a curiously intense negative reaction:

Actually, "latté" and "coffee cup salute" are just stuff idiot conservatives made up, the president doesn't even drink coffee. Like all good Irishmen, he's a tea drinker. Apparently, according to The Daily Caller, a Marine Corps manual says you should "not salute when… carrying articles with both hands or being otherwise so occupied as to make saluting impractical.”

This apparent lapse in protocol that conservatives made up (it's actually against protocol for any civilian to salute a member of the military) shocked and offended many a conservative, and even made it to Fox News. This sort of thing didn't seem to bother them when we had a white president.

That's right, President George W. Bush was photographed saluting his Marine guard without even bothering to put down his dog!


I bet Fox News didn't bring that up,  did they?

Okay, fine, but that's only because wiseass liberals have been tweeting this at them for 12 hours or so. Things weren't so fair and balanced last night, when Sean Hannity interviewed a guy who was probably standing behind Bush in that Barney photo:

At least Karl Rove got the beverage family right. That photo of Bush saluting with Barney in his arms was such a ridiculous contrast, and such stark proof of a double-standard, that by this morning, even Fox & Friends had to report, despite the way the Obama salute made their viewers weep, that since Bush did it too, it was no biggie. There was one holdout, though. Elisabeth Hasselbeck thought of a reason why it was worse when Obama did it, and not because he's black!

"I just think in wartime..."

Dammit, she's got us! Hasselbeck must have googled that photo, and found out that it was taken on June 25, 2001, which was, indeed, not wartime. What are the freaking odds? Now, we can't prove this is a racist double standard, because that photo was not taken while we were at war. That's the difference, not that he's black. If President Bush had been doggie-saluting troops during wartime, with nary a peep from white folks like Hasselbeck and Karl Rove, that would've been racist, but not this. Sorry, libturds! Nice try!

As such, then, a Google search of "Bush disrespectful dog salute" for the wartime period of December, 2006 will return reams of outraged commentary, when this photograph was taken:


Or for July, 2004, when this photograph was taken:


Or August, 2008, when this one was taken:


Or this one:


You get the picture(s). For the duration of George W. Bush's presidency, wartime and non-wartime, nobody ever said a peep about his breach of this alleged saluting protocol. Coincidentally, President Bush was white for every one of those years. Maybe this is an isolated incident, though, like every other time Barack Obama has been convicted of Presidenting While Black.