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Glenn Beck Literally Applauds Anti-Vaxxers (but Still Vaccinates His Own Kids)

Clearly you should be listening to this guy.
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Here's the quote of the day, from a person whose opinion you want to be sure to base all your important healthcare decisions on:

“I think that there is a lot to be said for being cautious on what we are jamming into our children’s arms by law, all the time... I gave my kids the vaccinations but there’s a lot of stuff–we don’t know what we’re dealing with. Doctors are so arrogant.”

That's Glenn Beck two days ago, reacting to a recent investigation by The Hollywood Reporter which showed that some of the wealthiest areas of Los Angeles have some of the lowest vaccination rates for children. As we elaborated on, places like Beverly Hills, Malibu and Santa Monica are now home to schools that have lower vaccination rates than Chad and South Sudan. This is largely because of parents submitting a form known as a "personal belief exemption," which allows them to override the school's vaccination guidelines because mom and dad just have a feeling in their gut that vaccines are dangerous, that, as Beck says, "we don't know what we're dealing with." Screw all those medical degrees and years of experience doctors and researchers have in the field of preventative healthcare -- your "instinct," likely influenced by something you read in Oprah's O Magazine or through your Google Search Science, is what you should be trusting when it comes to the life of your child and every other kid who comes into contact with that child.

If you think Beck's dangerous hypocrisy is awful -- he literally applauds anti-vaxxers but admits that he vaccinates his own kids -- then you'll love where he goes from there.

“It seems like we have an outbreak of Ebola. Disease is going to come. I’m not saying that we don’t use modern medicine. I’m not saying that I’m against all vaccinations. I’m saying that we consider the arrogance of doctors and governments jamming needles in our arms and our children’s arms and forcing us to do these things.”

Yeah. The arrogance of doctors, trying to prevent outbreaks of disease like the epidemic of whooping cough that's currently burning its way through the Los Angeles area, in part because parents are ignoring proven science and choosing instead to listen to clowns who sound like Glenn Beck.

Look, when it comes to vaccinations, if you give any consideration at all to the views of celebrities who bombard you with official-and-important-sounding bullshit instead of listening to the overwhelming evidence presented by the medical community, you're an idiot. Unfortunately, you're an idiot who's dangerous to a lot of people which means that, sorry, your idiocy shouldn't be allowed to stand. Society has to step in at some point and overrule you because society is at risk.

Just as a little reminder, this is where Glenn Beck's concern over "governmental intrusion" has taken him in the past:

Clearly you should be listening to this guy.

(h/t Right Wing Watch)