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Rand Paul Promises to Repeal All Executive Orders... Ever

He hates executive orders so much that he would get rid of all executive orders by decree of an executive order.
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The other day on his podcast, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks bragged that he's never been wrong when betting on the winner of presidential elections, then offered this:

“If you’ve got Rand Paul running on a ‘Let’s stop messing around in the Middle East because we’re getting killed, and it’s doing absolutely no good for us’ campaign versus Hillary Clinton’s ‘Let’s keep doing the same stupid shit we were doing before that you hated before’ campaign… If I was a betting man, and I am… right now I’d lay money on Rand Paul being the next president of the United States.”

Two things here. First, Cenk knows that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) will win the next election, more than two years before the actual election will take place. Second, Cenk still thinks Rand Paul is opposed to military action in the Middle East. How sweet.

Here's to hoping Cenk loses a pile of money wagering on this one. As we've covered numerous times over the years, Rand Paul is a flip-flopping mess, and probably won't win the Republican nomination much less the general election. He simply can't win -- meaning, he's unable to win given how conservative GOP voters will line up against him, and he shouldn't win because he'd be a terrible president. In addition to being a political lightweight and an empty suit, Rand Paul promised to repeal all executive orders ever issued in the history of the United States.

I think the first executive order that I would issue would be to repeal all previous executive orders.

Yep, the knucklehead who Cenk Uygur thinks will be our next president vowed to repeal all other executive orders... by signing an executive order when he's elected. It sounds like a joke, but he was evidently quite serious about it. He hates executive orders so much that he would get rid of all executive orders by decree of an executive order. This is sort of like passing a law that bans all laws. Talk about the contradiction to end all contradictions. When I said on the Stephanie Miller Show that Rand Paul contradicts himself almost in the same sentence, I didn't actually think he'd do it, but there it is.

He continued:

Democracy is messy, but you have to build consensus to pass things. But it’s also in some ways good, because a lot of laws take away your freedom. So it should be hard to pass a law. And it, frankly, when you do it the proper way, is.

Democracy is messy. Not doubt about that. But this makes me wonder whether Paul actually knows what executive orders actually are. They're not laws, nor are they binding insofar as the next president can simply sign an executive order reversing a previous order. Who would've guessed that a presidential frontrunner would vow to sign one that repealed all of them -- because he hates executive orders. Frankly, Paul knows all of this, but he's playing his supporters like the nearsighted suckers they are.

So, what are some of the executive orders that would be repealed upon the election of President Rand Paul?

1) The Emancipation Proclamation. (Lincoln)
2) The desegregation of schools. (Eisenhower)
3) The re-naming of the NASA Launch Operations Center in Florida to the "John F. Kennedy Space Center." (LBJ)
4) The creation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). (Carter)
5) The resumption of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. (Obama)
6) The creation of the Warren Commission. (LBJ)
7) Prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in the federal workforce. (Clinton)
8) The creation of the presidential board of advisers on Black Colleges and Universities. (Bush 41)
9) Protect Against Identity Theft. (Bush 43)
10) Prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or age in the federal workforce. (Nixon)

All of this would be repealed under a would-be Paul administration. There are literally thousands of others that are vital to the proper functioning of the Executive, and Rand Paul thinks this highly dysfunctional Congress or any Congress for that matter is capable of passing laws covering the full range of these orders. Hilarious.

Anyone who goes around talking about abolishing a menu of federal departments or repealing every EO ever signed should be disregarded as a national joke. If for no other reason, this ludicrous idea should force him to be laughed off the national stage. Yes, there's certainly room for abuse when it comes to this specific power, but so far very few EOs have stepped over the line. Likewise, not every cabinet-level department has operated flawlessly. But that doesn't mean we need to vaporize the entire system.

Clearly Rand Paul is, like always, pandering to low-information voters who simply don't understand how government works. At least I hope that's the case, because a presidential frontrunner who really believes this crap and who would act upon it should be kept as far away from the Oval Office as possible -- and he should never be allowed to take the cork off his fork.