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Sarah Palin Outstupids Herself With 'Global Apology' Comment

Palin manages to perform one amazing feat of stupidity with her mouth, while her hands are doing an entirely different, unrelated set of dipshittery at the same time.

Alaska Governor-resignee Sarah Palin further cemented her status as the Yo Yo Ma of Stupid on Thursday night's Hannity program, where she delivered a virtuoso performance of such achingly beautiful idiocy that all the Stooges in heaven could but weep. Aside from asserting that the president should be taking speech suggestions from ISIS, Palin also delivered what she probably thought was a bombshell bit of sly satire when she offered an apology that isn't quite what liberals had in mind. Pay attention, also, to the way Palin manages to  perform one amazing feat of stupidity with her mouth, while her hands are doing an entirely different, unrelated set of dipshittery at the same time. Stunning.

No, Barack, you manage, mmmm, your golf foursome, perhaps, but you don't manage a threat like this, you destroy the threat.

Yes, if only Barack Obama had said our objective is to "destroy" ISIS in the same press conference Palin was referencing out of context, or over and over since then.

And to claim, last night, also, our president saying ISIS is not Islamic, um, ISIS says they're Islamic, ih, th, they are so full of deception that America should be absolutely concerned with the policies that are going on.

This is indisputable, and Palin is right, since ISIS says it, the president should have put it in his speech, along with suggestions that Americans are dogs, and that Sarah Palin should be killed for not wearing a headscarf.

And as I watched the speech last night, Sean, the thought going through my mind is "I owe America a global apology," because John McCain, through all of this, John McCain should be our president. He had the advice, today still giving to Barack Obama, in he will not listen to it, about the residual forces that must be left "behind" in order to secure the peace in Iraq that we had fought so hard for.

According to a Palin spokesperson, she will also be offering a universal apology to the globe, just as soon as she's finished learning Esperanto.

Set aside the fact that Palin actually didn't cost the 2008 election for John McCain, but actually kept him in the game against a clearly superior opponent, and just imagine where we'd be if Palin's racist campaign had succeeded. McCain, who has now been reduced to feverishly growling, "The surge had it won!" on CNN like the crazed lovechild of Frank Booth and Abe Simpson, would have left a residual force in Iraq, presumably without the immunity to Iraqi courts that the Bush administration couldn't get, and which, if they hadn't been imprisoned by Iaqi kangaroo courts, would likely have taken heavy casualties during ISIS' assault on the region, precipitating a huge ground escalation and, as Jay Carney pointed out to him on CNN, the kind of Hell on Earth that attended the peak U.S. troop presence in Iraq.

That's if he had managed to get reelected after Vice President Palin blundered into the nuclear football and vaporized Detroit.