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Someone in New York City Is Now Being Tested for Ebola

CNN is confirming that a patient who recently traveled to West Africa is now being tested for the Ebola virus.
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We don't want to alarm you or anything but CNN is confirming that a person is currently being tested for the Ebola virus at New York City's Mt. Sinai hospital. The patient in question apparently exhibited a high fever after recently returning from a trip to West Africa.

This follows the news that two American doctors who contracted the virus while in Liberia will be treated in Atlanta's Emory University Hospital. Ken Brantly is already here while Nancy Writebol should arrive on Tuesday.

So far four countries in West Africa are fighting the spread of the virus. More than 1,600 people have been infected and a total of 887 have died. Ebola has a mortality rate between 50% and 90% and it can kill within ten days of infection, causing a hemorrhagic fever that eventually leads to a complete bleed-out. There's no cure, although an experimental treatment being given to the two American patients seems to be showing some signs of success.

While this strain of Ebola is particularly infectious and it has a three-week incubation period, it's not airborne which means that it's not so contagious that an outbreak would be nearly unstoppable. Also, the American health care system is supposedly ready for any issues and a pandemic in the U.S. is a lot less possible than you'd think. That said, this is the worst outbreak of Ebola in history and world leaders are warning of potentially "catastrophic" consequences if the disease truly goes global. Doctors in Africa are having an incredibly tough time staying ahead of this thing.

I realize I said last week that it's not time to panic just yet, and that holds especially true right now. But certainly it's something to keep an eye on.

Let me know how that goes. I'll be in my bunker.