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Sean Hannity Is a Blathering Bag Of Steaming Pig Shit

Sean Hannity pretends that presidents handing over their birth certificates is just part of the job.

Sean Hannity is many things: a wannabe border-patrolling militiaman; a defender of torture; a friend of deadbeat anti-government racists; and someone who agreed with Alex Jones about said anti-government racists. But Hannity is also something else.

A blathering bag of steaming pig shit.

On his radio show on Wednesday, Hannity continued his long tradition of being a blathering bag of steaming pig shit by saying something that only a true blathering bag of steaming pig shit would say -- in this case about President Obama's birth certificate.

via Media Matters

"I actually think at this point, the President wants -- he loves to be a victim, I'm beginning to notice. A victim of birtherism. 'People are birthers!' I just thought it was strange that the president didn't hand over his birth certificate like everybody else."

"Now I know the President felt that he was uniquely qualified to deal with issues involving the Muslim world because he went to school in Jakarta as a child -- a Muslim school. And he said one of the most beautiful things -- he said this to Nicholas Kristof at the New York Times -- one of the most beautiful sites in the world is Muslim prayer at sunset.  He said those things in that interview. It was in Jakarta.

"Some people said, 'All right, so where's your birth certificate?' And Donald Trump offered him money. Then they just wouldn't release it. Well anybody can get their birth certificate in a day, a week, a month. This went on forever. I just thought it was odd not to turn over your birth certificate."

Like everybody else? Who, I wonder, is this everybody else? At no point did a president's birth certificate become an issue before January 20, 2009. Hannity is talking as if turning over one's birth certificate is mandated by law or tradition upon becoming president, but it isn't.

Since he came into office, President Obama has endured an unprecedented assault on his American cred from wackadoodles wanting proof of his citizenship. So when these raving, frothy-mouthed lunatics demanded to see his birth certificate, you can understand why the most powerful man in the world wouldn't feel particularly compelled to oblige this nutjobbery. Even when he did release his birth certificate, it still wasn't enough for a majority of Republicans and it still wasn't enough for the country's most famous birther and talking anus Donald Trump.

Notice also that Hannity sandwiched in how Obama went to a Muslim school in Indonesia (Mooslims!), as if to suggest that there might have been -- and might still be -- something to that whole birther thing. This is a signal to his conspiracy-minded listeners that he's totally down with their concerns about Obama's place of birth. It's also a signal that he's something else.

A blathering bag of steaming pig shit.