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Racist Lunatic Goes Off On Muslim Man After Roadway Incident

Put your headphones in for this one.

A word of caution before we get to the video: At the moment there's no way to verify if it's video of an actual exchange between two people, or a piece of performance art. This is because the woman in it is so incredibly racist, one simply doesn't want to believe she exists. But of course, we know that such people do.

Uploaded on the Insane Films YouTube channel on August 14, the video's description simply says, "This Alaskan woman goes off on another driver in an insane racist tirade. Amazingly insane!"

NSFW: Language

Insane that was. If it's an actual interaction, it's one of the most racist and sadistic tirades from a stark-raving lunatic you'll ever see.

"If I had a gun, I would shoot you dead."


Also, as bad as calling someone the "son of a nigger-loving atheist bitch" is, -- and it's pretty bad -- saying, "I'm gonna goddamn kill your kids and your mother" is even more chilling. It goes far, far, far beyond the usual, I'm-a-racist-so-I'm-going-to-call-you-[insert epithet], and enters into a seriously dark and messed up place.

Another crazy aspect of this was that the man filming was actually apologizing for whatever traffic transgression he may have committed. And while things can certainly get heated in the aftermath of an incident on the road, there is obviously no excuse for pulling that kind of insanity.

Or this kind, for that matter.

h/t: Raw Story

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