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Oh Come On, You Can't Really Be Surprised NBC Is Screwing David Gregory

This has to be some mistake. They'd never do something like this to David Gregory -- not the NBC suits we know.
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Apparently a few people in the mediaverse are shocked, shocked I tell you that NBC is unceremoniously giving soon-to-be-ex-soulmate David Gregory the silent treatment these days. It seems like the network just isn't bothering to call him back and is otherwise turning a cold shoulder to his desperate advances, maybe hoping he'll swallow the mournful thoughts of where it all went wrong and just leave without NBC actually having to go through the trouble of dumping him. So of course, despite a ratings plunge on Meet the Press that most networks wouldn't have tolerated for this long, there are those out there taking umbrage for poor David, and criticizing NBC's treatment of him -- or at least how the network is handling his seemingly inevitable dismissal.

On her blog just a little while ago, Fox News's Greta Van Susteren lamented the current treatment of Gregory at the hands of NBC's suits. In a quickie post called, subtly, "NBC is brutal! This is bad corporate handling!" Van Susteren slams the network and the way it seems to be purposely letting stories of Gregory's demise on MTP float out there in the ether without addressing them with a confirmation or denial. Van Susteren thinks, understandably, that this represents an unconscionable show of disrespect to Gregory.

NBC is throwing David Gregory ‘under the bus’ and it is drip, drip, drip, drip! It is so slow, so painful and wicked. They are letting one of their longest running employees get smacked around in the media. This is not about whether you like Gregory or not — it is how management deals with an employee...

NBC should be handling this a million times better. If NBC wants Gregory out, do it with respect,fast and fair. If NBC wants to keep him, do something about these horrible stories. Step up to the plate!

Yeah, step up to the plate, NBC. This is completely unfair. In fact, you know who I'll bet is shocked to shit right now about the way NBC execs are giving David Gregory an especially dishonorable kiss off after years of faithful service? Ann Curry. I can only imagine how surprised she is by Gregory's "devastated" response to learning he was about to be fired by reading about it on the internet. Like the rest of us, she certainly imagines to this day that NBC is a network run by honest, principled professionals rather than a bunch of myopic sociopaths who are as mean as they are incompetent.

You know who else is probably blown away by a corporate culture that would sanction this kind of treatment of a marquee player whom its adherents have always gone out of their way to publicly embrace and show support for? Conan O'Brien. He's gotta be shaken to his very core at what he sees playing out at NBC from the office of his show on TBS. On a somewhat smaller scale, the same goes for Ashleigh Banfield. She's surely thinking back on her last year under the NBC banner and remembering how it was all lollipops and Lexapro, with the managers who had traditionally blown so much smoke up her ass that if she opened her mouth she'd look like a chimney not suddenly telling her they were out of desks for her in the newsroom and that she had to work in a tape closet.

No, NBC doesn't have an impressive track record of duplicitously, ingloriously, publicly fucking even their biggest and brightest talents over -- of playing ridiculous games with people's lives with little regard for both the people themselves and the legacy of poisonous distrust it leaves throughout the organization -- all in the name of desperately trying to right a sinking ship. This has to be some mistake. They'd never do something like this to David Gregory -- not the NBC suits I know.