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Immigrant Takes Plea and Won't Be Deported Despite Rap Sheet

This young Canadian immigrant hasn't lived in the U.S. very long, but he's wreaked total havoc since coming here. And no one is trying to stop him.

On Wednesday, a 20-year-old Canadian immigrant named Justin Bieber (pronounced Bee-ber) accepted a plea deal in Miami, Fla. originating from an illegal drag race in which he took part in January. Bieber agreed to plead to careless driving and resisting an officer without violence in exchange for prosecutors dropping a DUI charge. As part of the deal, he also agreed to take a 12-hour anger management course and donate $50,000 to charity. He will not be deported.

This is just the latest example of an immigrant coming across the border, breaking our laws, and engaging in reckless behavior that puts the lives of Americans in danger without facing any repercussions. The most galling aspect of this fiasco is that it's only the most recent in a steady stream of illegal activity perpetrated by this uncivilized Canadian mongrel, who for some reason is not only allowed to remain free, but is allowed to continue to live in the United States.

That beacon of intrepid investigative journalism, TV Guide, has been documenting the case of Bieber, who's compiled a shockingly long list of legal transgressions and bad behavior in an incredibly short period of time since coming to the U.S.:

May 2012: Bieber allegedly punches and kicks a cameraman while leaving a mall. The photographer fills out a police report but no charges are filed due to lack of evidence. No doubt Bieber learned such violent behavior while living among the notorious Ontario cartels.

July 2012: Bieber is pulled over for reckless driving, demonstrating once again that immigrants don't know how to drive.

September 2012: Bieber vomits during a concert because he says he drank milk before the performance. It's likely the milk's label showed it was expired, but Bieber -- in typical immigrant fashion -- couldn't be bothered to learn the language before coming here.

November 2012: Bieber is pulled over for making an unsafe turn and having an expired registration. Again, they don't know how to drive.

January 2013: Bieber moons fans on Instagram in a unexpected display of typical American behavior.

March 2013: Bieber allegedly spits on and threatens to kill his neighbor for complaining that he was driving 100 miles per hour in their gated community in southern California. Did I mention they don't know how to drive?

May 2013: It's revealed that attendees at Bieber's California mansion are obligated to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Cryptically the document includes activities that are "potentially hazardous and you should not participate unless you are medically able and properly trained ... [including] minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death." This is eerily reminiscent of the waiver Anastasia Steele must sign in 50 Shades of Grey, which wasn't written by an American.

July 2013: A video surfaces of Bieber urinating into a bucket in the kitchen of a New York restaurant, demonstrating that these immigrants will go just about anywhere.

July 2013: Police find marijuana on Bieber's tour bus as it enters the U.S. from Canada. Bieber isn't on the tour bus at the time, but that's what drug mules are for.

August 2013: Bieber and his entourage are involved in a melee at a bar in the Hamptons, where for some reason he isn't working as a member of the kitchen staff.

January 2014: Police raid Bieber's California mansion after reports he may have been involved in vandalizing his neighbor's house. Bieber isn't arrested, but his friend, rapper Lil Za is because police still know where black men rank relative to immigrants.

January 2014: Bieber is arrested on DUI and reckless driving charges after drag racing. Again, driving.

Read these and weep, America. This is the kind of country we've become -- one in which immigrants wreak havoc on the local population without fear of consequences because, well, there are no consequences. And as much as I'd like to lay the blame squarely at the feet of an animal like Bieber, our political leaders have allowed a culture of immigrant enablement to grow and spread like a Canadian wildfire. And it starts with the White House.

Thanks, Obama!

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