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Cop In Ferguson Who Threatened to "F**king Kill" Journalists Is Suspended Indefinitely

Thankfully, this lunatic is no longer patrolling the streets.
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Most of us are capable of interacting with other human beings without threatening to murder them, but most of us are also not cops deployed in Ferguson, Mo. On Tuesday, citizen journalist Rebelutionary_Z and compatriots were confronted by this John McClane wannabe, who pointed a loaded rifle in their faces and told them "I will fucking kill you."

When asked for his name, he identified himself as "Go Fuck Yourself."

The officer has since been suspended indefinitely:

Here's another view of the maniac taken by {Youngist} producer Caleb-Michael Files, who identifies Officer Go Fuck Yourself as Sgt. Ray Albers of the St. Ann police department. It takes a police sergeant grabbing him by the arm and leading him away from the protesters like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum to get him to stand down.

This guy was one thrown water bottle away from unloading a dozen 5.56mm rounds in someone's chest. Between this lovely example of good old-fashioned Missouri justice, a week of extrajudicial beatings and illegal arrests by Ferguson police, and the St. Louis cop who posted a spree of racist images on Facebook, it's very hard to have confidence that authorities have any idea how to keep their officers under control, or if they have the desire to.

Reminder: Just yesterday, the Washington Postran an op-ed from LAPD officer Sunil Datta with the non-satirical title "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me." The message was more or less the same one here: Challenge a cop for any reason, even within the boundaries of your civil rights, and you're proclaiming yourself not only willing but deserving of a whole new level of pain.

Maybe if cops want people to respect them, they should stop acting like crazed lunatics. And since many police departments across the nation have repeatedly proven themselves incapable of self-regulation, it's time to talk about taking away their fancy new military-grade toys and pressuring the White House to launch more investigations of excessive force.