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Drunk-Sounding Rush Limbaugh Tries Desperately to Link Benghazi with Ferguson

After nearly two weeks of tensions in Ferguson, MO, far-right radio has finally shoehorned the crisis into its ongoing Benghazi and IRS narratives.
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That took longer that I thought. After nearly two weeks of tensions in Ferguson, MO, far-right radio has finally shoehorned the crisis into its ongoing Benghazi and IRS narratives. I'm seriously shocked that it didn't happen sooner, a sign that perhaps the screechers are feeling a little slow on the uptake given the outrage-boner they've been struggling to maintain for so long.

Speaking of which, Rush Limbaugh attacked the administration for sending FBI agents to Ferguson after allegedly refusing to send FBI agents to Benghazi or to investigate the IRS.

How many FBI agents investigated the, uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh, the tea party scandal there with the IRS? How many -- how many -- none! Is there? That's right there were no FBI agents investigating what happened with [True the Vote head] Catherine Engelbrecht through the phone or any of the other tea party groups. Ah, see, okay, uhhh, how many FBI agents went to Benghazi to investigate what had happened over there? That was, uhhhhhhh, zero again. At least in the first two weeks. Zip, zero -- now we were told that sending the FBI into Libya would be bad, bad, bad foreign policy -- would not be kind to the host nation -- it would not inspire confidence -- it would be seen as an insult. So. See how many, uhh, FBI agents we sent to St. Louis? 40!! Four zero. 40 FBI agents are pounding the pavement in Ferguson, in St. Louis.

Right off the bat, is it me or does Limbaugh sound drunk or stoned? If you listen to the audio, it sounds like he's really wrestling with his zotzed-out brain to form his thoughts here. It could just be that it's not as easy for him to make shit up as it used to be. And that's precisely what he's doing here. Of course we shouldn't expect Limbaugh or his dittoheads to understand the considerably long series of differences between the IRS non-scandal, the Benghazi consulate attacks and what's happening right now in Ferguson. If that's the case -- if law enforcement should treat everything the same way, then perhaps his parking-lot-Oxycontin purchases should've been investigated with the same tenacity as an international drug cartel.

So, what about the FBI and Benghazi? According to Limbaugh, there wasn't any FBI presence in Benghazi for "the first two weeks." But, unlike Limbaugh's listeners, the rest of us know how to conduct a simply Google search, which brings up the following article dated two days after the attacks:

Military Hangs Back as FBI Hunts Benghazi Killers

“The FBI has an open investigation into the deaths of the four U.S. citizens in Libya and the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya,” Dean Boyd, the spokesman for the FBI’s National Security Directorate, e-mailed Danger Room.

“When conducting such investigations, the FBI coordinates closely with the Justice Department, the Department of State, and the appropriate government partners in the host nation,” Boyd added. “The FBI cannot comment on any investigative actions or operations related to this incident at this time. The FBI will not speculate on the facts and circumstances surrounding the attacks.”

And this one from September 12, 2012:

US officials investigate whether strike on Benghazi post 'coordinated,' timed for 9/11 anniversary

...The FBI is investigating the attack and the deaths of American personnel. A U.S. military aircraft is expected to leave from Libya soon with the wounded and bodies of the dead aboard.

In case you're wondering, the above article comes to us from the Obamabots at Fox News Channel.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the IRS. Yes, the FBI did in fact investigate the non-scandal. Here's an article from the Kenyan socialist sympathizers at The Wall Street Journal.

FBI Launches Probe of IRS

WASHINGTON—Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday the Justice Department has opened a criminal probe of the Internal Revenue Service's treatment of tea-party groups, while an investigative report blamed the agency's managers for allowing the practices to continue for more than 18 months.

Should we even mention that the virulently anti-Obama House Republicans probed all of this crapola and couldn't find any wrongdoing on the part of the administration?

Even if the FBI hadn't jumped into the IRS thing, and hadn't been working on the attacks from day one, there are numerous other agencies involved with investigating such things. Say nothing of the fact that, in the case of Benghazi, it's far less complicated to send FBI agents to an American city like Ferguson than it is to a city overseas.

What is Limbaugh really saying here? Clearly he's telegraphing to his disciples that Obama is a terrorist sympathizer; unwilling to investigate his own administration; but totally overzealous when it comes to all but rectally probing white police officers. Add a heaping dose of conspiracy-mongering and there it is. Every Rush Limbaugh show is this: Obama will do anything to screw white people. Can't you tell by all of the white Ferguson police officers in FBI custody? Oh, that's right. There aren't any. Zip, zero, etc.